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Air humidity is influential to flowers

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Information of number of 2008-6-14 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Flowers sort is various, because condition of climate of country of origin is different, abhorrent also to the requirement of air temperature. Be fond of the flowers with wet nether world, if help advance somebody's career for a long time in arid environment, leaf fizzles out with respect to meeting hair or aglow, decrescent, attenuate and curly, or blade doing is anxious; Be fond of arid flowers, if be raised for a long time,be in damp environment, like cactus kind skin attenuates easily, and can produce cankered disease. Press flowers to divide 3 kinds to the requirement of air humidity normally in help advance somebody's career.
Be fond of moon wet flowers: The Chinese flowering crabapple that be like a ball, jade hairpin, orchid, brake kind, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column, azalea, requirement air relative humidity maintains in 60 % - 80 % .
Be able to bear or endure arid flowers: Wait like celestial being ball, cacti, maguey. Be in China north area, general and indoor air humidity can.
Neuter flowers: This kind of flowers uprights to the requirement of air humidity at before two kinds between, like white orchid, Milan, jasmine flower, have a smile on one's face, help mulberry, bougainvillaea, orange up kind, palmy, sweet-scented osmanthus.
North spring, autumn humidity of two season air is very low, do not suit southern painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style grow development; Winter is indoor warm oneself with fire, wet to be fond of flowers is more adverse, to cure the flower, can think the air humidity in method adjustment microenvironment. In each district of north and south, OK the flowers with a happy wet nether world, be put in shade of a tree or small below shade canopy, be shot in order to avoid Jiang Guangzhi and drought wind. Often still can be in of flowers all round aspersion, or the gush on past face of blade, with ever adding air humidity, drop air temperature.

New community of net of flowers and trees

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