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Potted Changchun is beautiful

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Information of number of 2008-6-12 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Changchun is spent (Catharanthus Roseus) renown every day spring, flower of tricolour amaranth, the four seasons, belong to a plant for spring flower of oleander section chief. Originate in ministry of southeast of South Asia, Africa and America tropics formerly, our country the Yangtse River with south each district all has help advance somebody's career, long spring flower is shown in country of origin inferior bush shape perennial is herbaceous, sexual happy event is warm, sunny, be afraid of drench, avoid is wet be afraid of waterlogged, lax to edaphic requirement, but grow in the loose soil that contains rich humus good.
Sow to breed with cuttage. Because abroad is long breed of acting cross of spring flower F1 is more, colour diversity, individual plant short, ramose much, the flower is much and orderly, give priority to in order to sow now so. Sow 5 ~ 7 days to sprout commonly, gemmiparous rate 90% above, seedling stage grows slower, 4 a short while of 2 ~ begin true part of a historical period transplanting. Cuttage undertook in July in 4 ~ more, the burgeon with 7 centimeters long scissor, be in next ministry of radical of transplant a cutting wraps group of on one small mud, insert in Cheng Manjie's sanded flowerpot, be born via 25 days, rooted hind can cultivated go up basin.

Outside growing spring flower to manage except normal fat conduit, cultivate the experience of long spring flower for years according to the author, what the key should hold is to pick the prevention and cure with ill decay of heart and monsoon bine leaf. The goal that picks a heart is to promote ramose with control florescence. General 4 ~ 6 true Xie Shi (8 ~ 10 centimeters) begin to pick a heart, new tip grows 4 ~ 6 Xie Shi (pick the 15 ~ after the heart 20 days for the first time) undertake the 2nd times picking a heart, pick a heart to had better not exceed 3 times (exceed influence of the meeting that pick a heart 3 times to blossom quality) . Last time of long spring flower picks a heart to affect florescence directly, general fall (National Day husband is beautiful) pick a heart to be apart from for the last time first florescence 25 days, the summer (" 5 · one " , " 7 · one " with the flower) pick a heart to shift to an earlier date than autumn for the last time 3 ~ 5 days. Cankered disease basically produces page of bine of long spring flower in monsoon, bacterium of its cause of disease is epidemic disease mildew. Come on serious when cause a large number of death, affect batch badly to produce. Method of chemical drug prophylaxis and treatment: A kind of green tea uses 65% exceedingly spirit 600 ~ 800 times or Bordeaux mixture protection of 1% type waiting for a quantity. If come on,72% grams show seasonable spurt 600 ~ 800 times or 25% general force overcomes 600 ~ 800 times, every weeks of gush exerts effect of prevention and cure relatively beautiful.

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