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Flowers nursery stock is commonly used 3 kinds of antiseptic

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Information of number of 2008-6-18 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Does 3 Zun ketone call pink rubiginous peace again? Have precaution to rust, powdery mildew, eradicate, the action such as fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs. Powdery mildew of Xie Ju of powdery mildew of powdery mildew of careless rust of rust of malic rust, Chinese white poplar, chrysanthemum rust, a kind of sedge, rose rust, Chinese rose, Chinese flowering crabapple, melon, Chinese ivy powdery mildew all can prevent and cure. If use the 3 Zun ketone of 25 % but sparge of wet sex powder, commonly used chroma is 3000 ~ 4000 times; If use the 3 Zun ketone of 20 % ,breed oily sparge, commonly used chroma is 2000 times. In addition, 3 Zun ketone the result of prevention and cure with wait to also have certain to disease of the leaf blight of flowers, speckle, leaf spot.
100 bacterium Qing Dynasty has precautionary effect to a variety of plant disease. 100 bacterium Qing Dynasty has good stick together sex in plant surface, be eroded not easily by rainwater, because this has longer medical effect period, it is 10 days commonly. But it is done not have inside suck conduct action, won't be absorbed from gush medicine place and root system, reason sparge should even, considerate. The 100 bacterium that use 75 % normally are clear but wet sex powder 600 ~ sparge of 1000 times fluid, can prevent and cure effectively perforation of speckle of disease of anthrax of disease of Chinese rose shading, poplar shading disease, chrysanthemum speckle disease, peony speckle disease, balata anthrax disease, gentleman orchid, oriental cherry is ill etc. 100 bacterium Qing Dynasty has certain stimulation to the person's skin and eye, there should be corresponding safeguard when using.
Spirit of bacterium of disappear bacterium quick pass the time in a leisurely way can prevent not only and exterminate a bacterium, still have very strong exterminate virus ability. Additional, because producer goods is urea, sylvite, so it still has the effect that stimulative plant grows. The disappear bacterium that uses 50 % is clever but wet sex powder 1000 ~ sparge of 2000 times fluid, can prevent and cure effectively disease of corrupt of bine of disease of speckle of disease of leaf of a string of mosaic of leaf blight of epidemic disease of carninomatosis of root of gray mold of disease of disease of Chinese rose shading, Chinese rose powdery mildew, Chinese rose deadwood, Chinese rose, Chinese rose, tulip, lily, chrysanthemum, safflower, lawn, lawn and disease of corrupt of a variety of root rot, bine.

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