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How to control peony florescence

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Information of number of 2008-6-20 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Peony bud become divided begins to end basically to the end of September from June commonly, heavy valve, half heavy valve is planted still continue to split up after September. When be about to undertake urging spending handling, want to choose proper breed above all, be like " Zhao pink " , " 2 tall " , " vermilion base " , " the carry on one's shoulder that be like pink " , " bright and beautiful gown is red " , " Luoyang is red " etc, should choose 4 ~ 5 years at the same time unripe, bud is much fuller and grow hale plant. Strengthen water fertilizer to manage, in bud differentiation period has top application of face of blade, anthology take hale branch shoot.
Let peony blossom in the National Day
Can enter cold store sth in a cellar or pit on July 15, maintain temperature the cold storage below the condition that in 0 ~ 2 ℃ influence, make its shift to an earlier date dormancy. After half moon, give cellar to put cool half back office, reach flowerpot to plant all round gush water, make plant restores to grow, illumination increases gradually after bud stirs, 7 ~ grant every other 10 days rare cake water, or with 0.1 % phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium undertakes face of blade fertilizes, the temperature after September 25 maintains control in 22 % , the bottom can blossom in September.

Also can go at be being cut at the beginning of August all lamina, leave Xie Bing 2 ~ are 3 centimeters long, apply the cake of become thoroughly decomposed, promote new bud bud. When bud stirs, usable gibberellin vernalization, aid bine, Li Lei, the method is to use pledget to tangle to go up in bud, arrived at 8 o'clock in the morning everyday next at 10 o'clock, with on brush besmear 700 ~ the gibberellin fluid of kilogram of 800 milligram / 3, 4, can make bud shoot orderly. After extending a part of a historical period again gush uses 0.1 % urea and 0.2 % phosphoric acid mixed liquor of 2 hydrogen Potassium 2 ~ 3, the last ten-day of a month can blossom in succession in September. Be like group by group from July the last ten-day of a month comes the first ten days of a month picked foliaceous processing in September, from September the first ten days of a month comes the middle ten days of a month had a flower to open in November.

Let peony be in new year's day (or the Spring Festival) blossom
Can choose the admirable breed that 4 ~ give birth to 5 years, at new year's day (the Spring Festival) before 45, 60 skies basin, move warm up gradually after the person is indoor, control is in by day 15-20 ~ ℃ , nightly control is in 15 ℃ of 10 ~ , often reach region spurt water to face of blade, in order to increase relative humidity. After extending a part of a historical period, want to increase illumination gradually, 7 ~ grant every other 10 days thin fertilizer, use 0.2 % phosphoric acid to gush of face of blade solution of 2 hydrogen Potassium. Pass 40 ~ 45 days so, most 60 days (differ because of breed and different) , can be in new year's day (or the Spring Festival) dew look is open. After blossomming, drop temperature appropriately, maintain in 10 ~ 15 ℃ , can lengthen florescence.
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