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The magical function of dregs of a decoction

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Information of number of 2008-6-27 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Most Chinese traditional medicine is taken mostly from at floral root, bine, leaf, flower, solid, skin, embedded and rich battalion nurturance is divided. Traditional method is infusion two commonly drinkable later, will residual fall. And many plant still is contained to grow in the dregs of a decoction that right now remain is in all sorts of nutrient such as the nitrogen that development place needs, phosphor, Potassium. The both neither that abandon is wholesome, also very regrettablly.

Accidental opportunity, I chose half plastic bucket Chinese traditional medicine residual, undertook its soak is made then, the miniascape that ferments grow in Home Shi Yu later. Two week hind discover, all sorts of miniascape not only grow fast, cauline thick Xie Mao, and the flower also leaves colourfully all the more, also disappeared even plant diseases and insect pests. So good fertilizer, its make a method very simple also.

The Chinese herbal medicine after infusion, basically be to boil what do not rot, be bulk expand only, become loose. The container that choice soak makes has two kinds: One kind is has used plastic flagon or plant sauce boat, this kind of container is airtight the gender is good, facilitate ferment, it is a little difficult when full-dress careless dregs of a decoction only. Another kind is ringent altar, canister, bucket, this kind of container facilitates full-dress, but ferment time is a bit a few slower. In the process that make, it is the broken bits of 2/3 place Cheng Can container commonly (after boiling residual need not insolation, in can loading container directly) , next everyday to the water that clean out rice is added inside container, till container is fast full till (notice water cannot be added too completely, must leave a few gap) , finally container mouth sealed. Plastic crock can build top directly, the container with big mouth can use plastic cloth to seal the mouth severe, also but amid puts a polybag, will herbal broken bits is put into bag, add the full water that clean out rice to plunge into the mouth again next close. Be about to put Yu Yangguang place to undertake soak make later, normally summertime soak is made 1 can use to 2 lunar hind. When using, usable gauze cover container mouth, filter teem one part former fluid. Will former fluid and water press when first time top application 1: The employ after the scale of 9 is attenuant, water is added to former position after waiting for a fat fluid inside container to give out; Can press the 2nd times when top application 2: The scale of 8 is attenuant; Can press the 3rd times 3: The scale of 7; Can press the 4th times 1: 1 employ; Arrive the 5th times to be able to take the fat fluid inside container to irrigate directly apply, need not again as attenuant as water. After the effectiveness that wait for fertilizer is over, but teem of dregs of a decoction, insolation hind grinds small broken bits and the earth that grow a flower to be blended together, because ferment,the careless dregs of a decoction after is very good humus.
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