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Of seed of sago cycas seed, violet yulan magnolia cultivate a method

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Information of number of 2008-6-20 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Sago cycas is in botanical on call Su Tie, broadleaf plant of alias phoenix end, time broadleaf plant, avoid igneous broadleaf plant, belong to Su Tieke, Su Tie constant green tree. Originate in the south in our country, India, Japan and Indonesia formerly, traceable East Asia and southeast Asia. Short for Zhejiang Province, another name for Jiangxi Province, Hunan, plain and other places is wide to help advance somebody's career. And other places of China north, northwest makes potted plant offer indoor view and admire. Su Tie sex is happy sunshine, dry with drafty environment, not cold-resistant, very fat, be fond of sandiness soil, grow slow.
Su Tie can amount to 8 meters high in country of origin, indoor and potted Gaokeda 3 meters, the bine is thick columnar shape, not ramose, have bulky cicatricle, form scale state. Xie Cu is born at the bine to support, for large a shape compound leaf, 1 meter or so long. Flocculus line form, change is simple, most advanced and hard, thick green provides burnish, xie Yuan coils instead. Annual spring gives birth to 2 ~ 3 rounds, laoxie falls off in succession; The flower is unisexual, be born at cauline top, individual plant of different of male and female, male flower shows helix shape to arrange, pineapple of be similar in shape, by unripe fluff, in season opens first flaxen, become after maturity Brown. Female flower is bigger, implement scale of most palm shape, appearance is compressed cylinder, break up gradually form state of the cone of lacebark pine. Su Tie blossoms inaccessibly, 2, old tree of 30 years can blossom, friend says for " chiliad sago cycas blossoms " , florescence 6 ~ in August.
Su Tie basically uses tillering branch to breed, also can sow or cuttage is progenitive.
Sow breed: The full seed that receive Su Tie seed or does not exceed two years is collected between October, with 50 ℃ left and right sides Wen Shui immerses 24 hours, reoccupy rare hydrochloric acid or rare vitriolic immerse 10 ~ 15 minutes, rinse clean with clear water next, clear water is changed every other day when seed soaking, wait for seed coat completely bibulous expand after molten, shuck artificially episperm, scour off pulp, seminal air, next lay aside put away. To the front of December sand of junior travel seed hides processing. Because thick and its seed skin is hard, usable become lukewarm methodological processing, undertake sanded Tibet finally. Wait with sand of clean sandy loam, river, pearlite defend water, breathe freely good stuff is done sow a bed, ply not under 40 centimeters, irrigate show water. The seed that will get ready with 5 ~ 20 ℃ centimeter individual plant row spacing sows a bed in, deep 3 centimeters or so can. Immediately enclothes ply to be 3 centimeters river sand, inspect the soil on the bed and the dry degree control that enclothe fine sand to water quantity, plastic film is enclothed to undertake ensuring wet heat preservation again after irrigating water, weekly choose sunshine opens film to breathe freely in the morning, should water when soil is dry keep wet, film is covered again when sunset afternoon, general Sutie sanded Tibet wants 4 ~ 6 months time, the temperature and humidity of sanded Tibet should maintain during this, the requirement is comfortable lukewarm 25 ℃ of 18 ~ , relative humidity 90 % of 80 ~ , want to do good winter heat preservation, must not under 12 ℃ . The 2nd year of 5 ~ the seed stirred in June pip, 7 ~ are gemmiparous in August grow a true page.
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