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1000 benefit nursery stock of Chinese---[Jin Xiehuai] [law tung]

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Information of number of 2008-6-27 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Be located in one of base of 6 big characteristic nursery stock------The countryside of large tree of Li Ying of peaceful city of Shandong province aid, our company rely on science and technology of aid peaceful city, news dominant position, it is with the market oriented, withered established " be realistic innovation, thick heart holds thing, course of study with heart promote " , business concept, "Honest be as good as one's word, mutually beneficial double win, joint development " management guiding principle, win each recognition of square colleague and reliance ceaselessly, nursery stock sells each district of past whole nation, the company grows ceaselessly in manage expand, through development of 229 years, have nursery stock base now 6 place, the area amounts to on 1000 mus, drive circumjacent farmer development actively, adjust nursery stock breed, cultivate model was made on the structure, formed the breed base that is characteristic with big arboreal production. Main breed has fast unripe little Mao Shaoqiu is pagoda tree of tung of environmental protection law, law tung, country, white dried meat, the compound leaf Qi such as pagoda tree of silk tree, Luan Shu, weeping willow, Chinese pagoda tree, gold, Chinese white poplar, bitter Lian, gold-rimmed hold tight, all sorts of norms trade such as wood of big Xie Zhen, mandarin jacket, 1000 head Chinese toon are cultivated, developing large arboreal base to go up in last few years, introduce the bush that gets used to this locality to grow actively again, peach of green jade of Japanese oriental cherry, midget crabapple, violet Xie Li, red autumnal leaves, An Yulan, red Bai Huangyu orchid 100 days red wait for breed.

New community of net of flowers and trees

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