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The item that cultivated ginkgo tree should notice the summer

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Information of number of 2008-6-26 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Ginkgo cultivates alias [white fruiter] , it is deciduous leaf arbor. It is economic value is mixed view and admire the tree with very high value to plant, its fruit, leaf and tree root are OK edible, also can do medicinal material and masked article. A lot of city makes city tree with using it, in the range that establishs in order to was joined for the country surely now, it is Guo Shuzheng Chi Rike to wait for surely. Ginkgo is cultivated all the year round OK and cultivated, but the summer is cultivated must notice, if misgovern will affect the survival rate of ginkgo tree directly. I show the problem introduction that the summer cultivated ginkgo tree should note to be as follows:
One: Earthy ball wants big, because the summer is the optimal period that ginkgo tree grows, also be when imbibe is most, one but sever its root system, absorb what affect moisture directly, earthy ball is smaller, absorption moisture is less also, so ball of earth of cultivated ginkgo tree must want the summer big.
2: Want take out leaf, be in cultivated before must the ginkgo leaf of take out 2/3, ginkgo leaf is the main source of imbibe, also be the main factor that influence ginkgo tree survives, going ginkgo leaf while do not drop leave with hand rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers, because use hand rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers, the nipple that gets on ginkgo leaf all rub one's palm along smooth out with the fingers was dropped, immediate impact ginkgo cultivates the hair tooth of new part of a historical period, go best foliaceous method should go with mace knife leaf.
3: To edaphic requirement, had better cultivate hole in ginkgo when cultivated ginkgo is cultivated all round put a few sandy soil, be helpful for ginkgo cultivating the fast hair of new root, what do not grow is too deep.
4: Bracket and watering requirement, must decide with bracket after ginkgo tree is cultivated prison, the summer is season of harships much hair, not firm ginkgo establishs bracket will dump, water not too much, do not put have seeper, in case vomit root and sodden root, often want loosen the soil to evaporate with what prevent moisture.
5: Insect pest prevents and cure, if send existing insect pest to want to prevent and cure in time, especially scale insect, be harm ginkgo tree is difficult treat a pest, early discovery early prophylaxis and treatment, do not take future trouble, it is OK that pesticide is treated to connect gush twice surely with interpose when discovery.
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