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The happening of miniascape flowers plant diseases and insect pests

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Information of number of 2008-6-29 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: As people living standard rise, the construction of green family more and more get the favour of people, of miniascape flowers cultivate more and more extensive. However, when you caress these miniascape flowers meticulously, some " murderer " in the home that also comes stealthily to you. Inside the body that their some invades flowers, go inside grow is dark long, make your miniascape becomes angry finally sere, branch is necrotic, entire individual plant is cankered; Some is gnawed greatly on blade chew greatly, make blade broken up; Some on the sly are in juice of suck of blade the reverse side, make your flowers becomes angry anile. In these " murderer " destroy below, some spends sodden root sodden part of a historical period, give out effluvial, some is spent or the green bug of full shagginess climbs on the leaf, make the person looks and repugn. These are the plant diseases and insect pests of flowers.
1. flowers also falls ill and the person is same, also be real live thing, each place also meet its root, bine, leaf, flower, fructification, seed come on. The person fell ill to want to go to a hospital, flowers fell ill, we also have " plant hospital " to diagnose and offer remedial way, with medication. You want to raise miniascape flowers, be about to learn oneself how to go miniascape flowers diagnose a disease, how to go treating a disease to miniascape flowers.
The happening of 2. plant diseases and insect pests, miniascape flowers falls ill is one plant or integrated action causes a variety of gene. If want scientific cent to fall, of miniascape flowers " ill " , ought to divide for so a few kinds big: One kind is the disease that the pest causes; One kind is the disease that unsuited environment causes; One kind is true " ill " . Following: What the pest causes is ill: Cause by a few harmful animals, include the insect. The insect has rife sort, the life of some and person concerns without what; Some is the cater-cousin that people lives, and some lives that can destroy a person however, among them, can endanger your miniascape flowers not less. These harm the harmful animal of miniascape flowers, it is flowers pest. What unsuited environment causes is ill: Medicine of the lack that includes an element, chemical pollution, pesticide is killed, and helping advance somebody's career the unsuited measure in running a course, still have all sorts of environments, those who be like temperature, humidity is unsuited wait. True " ill " : It is the disease that causes by content of a few cause of disease. Content of so called cause of disease, it is people hep fungus, bacterium, virus, still ought to include plant primary system the one part in wireworm of this kind of biology, parasitism. A lot of people connect them call bacterium of cause of disease, tell strictly, very not accurate. Actually, what bacterium of cause of disease points to is this among them fungus and bacterium. Above a few kinds, in can causing miniascape flowers to grow abnormal, make flowers " fall ill " . But exacter saying is, the disease of flowers has: The miniascape flowers that causes by unhealthy ambient conditions and content of cause of disease " disease " , with what bring about by the pest " insect pest " .
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