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Wet uses medical method

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Information of number of 2008-7-27 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: In agricultural production, plant diseases and insect pests often happens, often encounter the weather with ceaseless overcast and rainy, bring inconvenience to plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure. Exert medical effect to raise wet, should master following methods:
1. Choose inside pesticide suction a gender. The place such as the root that sexual pesticide sucks to be able to pass crop inside, bine, leaf enters plant system inside, effect is produced inside very fast time. Like furan red, long the insecticide such as amine of Le Guo of effect phosphor, oxidation, phosphor and much bacterium spirit, pink becomes rusty the antiseptic such as mildew of poison of the peaceful, ferry that hold cloth in the palm, luck, Su Keqiu, He Kuling, Xie Lubao, after use of this kind of pesticide 3 to 4 hours, active ingredient of 80 % above is sucked to receive constituent interior by crop, won't be drenched brush by rainwater and lose medical effect.
2. Choose pesticide of quick result sex. If insecticide is medium DDVP, long effect phosphor, armour amine phosphor, fast destroy kill man, enemy kill, see bug is killed, kill the pesticide such as spirit quickly to belong to this sort model. This kind of pesticide is had very strong touch kill or fume reduce effect, use drug 1 can kill the injurious insect to 2 hours.
3. Choose be able to bear or endure pluvial sex pesticide. If element of mildew of hillock of the well in antiseptic is mixed,destroy disease power, Su Keling it is better to have be able to bear or endure pluvial sex, use drug 1 come 2 hours or 4 after coming 5 hours, although encounter wet,also do not affect medical effect.
4. In pesticide mix into adds agglutinant. Agglutinant can increase pesticide to reach the adherent power that pest body expresses to crop surface. Make up pesticide solution, washing powder is added in fluid of every 50 kilograms of medicine 50 to 70 grams, seasonable gush is applied after agitate, have good synergism.
5. Improve the method that use drug. Before if sexual insecticide is sucked to be accumulated in pest bedding face inside the choice,happening, mix fine earth applies layer of mud of crop root area in, let plant absorb, cause a pest to take feed toxic and dead. The method that drug uses outside this kind of root can avoid rainwater to rinse, suit to undertake in wet particularly.
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