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With pest of nursery stock of indigenous method prevention and cure, the effect

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Information of number of 2008-7-30 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Using pest of nursery stock of medicaments prevention and cure while, do not prevent with pest of nursery stock of prevention and cure of a few indigenous method, not only investment is little, and get effective fast. Introduce the following kinds of methods now:
(1) little to the pest a sector of an area is sent first, brush the reoccupy after keeping clear of to feed vinegar to spray with wool; To a few too close nursery stock ground, bush group, timely undertake rinsing rinsing, clip, transplanting, in order to improve ventilated and pervious to light state, in order to reduce ill bug source; Try to protect to the natural enemy of a few pests, ladybug of if short stomach is little bee, red annulus be good at preying scale insect, can have biological control effect so.
(2) impose standard of alkaline prevention and cure with washing powder: According to washing powder, the caustic soda fluid of 30% , water, press 1:1: 3weight comparing, will 3 person the sparge after mixing. Through 12, the examination after 24 hours, the mortality of red spider amounts to 95% above, other kind the pest also amounts to 70% above.
(3) law of prevention and cure of intermixture of the sulfur that use stone: Be boil together by calx, sulfureous, water make and become, make up a method to be 1:2: 1The weight of 0 is compared, show alkali sex, when spring is used, with water dilute chroma is 60% ; The summer uses dilute to undertake spraying into 25% chroma, scale insect of prevention and cure is businesslike can amount to 90 % above. Spring also can achieve 80% above.
(4) law of prevention and cure of grass of hot knotweed of Xie Jia of the Lian that use suffering: Leaf of Lian extraction pain and hot knotweed grass are cut 2 kilograms each 4, 6 centimeters put bowl inside, add water 12, garlic is increased again after 15 kilograms of boil child 300 grams, continue boil 1 hour of above, filter next, take filtrate to had sealed up for keeping, 1:3 is become by filtrate and water when usingDeserve to compare the sparge after dilute, 12, fly of the Qian Xie after 24 hours prevents effect to be able to amount to 98% above. Other kind the pest prevents effect to also can amount to 70% above.
(5) the pine needle that use delicacy imposes standard of prevention and cure of bitter melon seeds: Take fresh pine needle 5 kilograms, cut short hind the melon seeds that add suffering 2 kilograms, add water again 8 kilograms, infusion filters after 50 minutes former juice, add water again 50 kilograms spray, every other 7 days of gush, connect gush 3 times, to snail of prevention and cure the effect can amount to 90% above, other kind the pest also achieves 70% above.
Above a few kinds of indigenous method, can use alone, also can mix use, effect of its prevention and cure is good, and investment is little, it is the good method of pest of nursery stock of prevention and cure.
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