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Should not be in the home cultivated flowers and trees

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Information of number of 2008-8-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: In recent years, of people living standard rise, a lot of people like to be counteracted in the home indoor raise flowers and trees to be mixed in order to improve condition of beautification room core, but because a few people choose painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style undeserved or put undeserved, caused indoor pollution instead. Because this is raised,the flower should notice to choose nice variety.

The flowers and trees with evergreen the four seasons of indoor optimum choice or the breed that can absorb toxic gas, wait like bamboo of bracketplant, asparagus, evergreen, cacti, curvature of the spinal column, evergreen cane. Unfavorable raised flower has lilac, cordate telosma to wait, they are in nightly can send out exciting olfactory is atomic, have adverse effect to hypertension and heart disease patient. In addition, the flower of oleander is sweet can make person lethargy, intelligence is reduced; The atomic meeting that foreign a ball made of strips of silk sends out makes person skin allergy produces Sao to itch; The flower of tulip is poisonous alkaline, overmuch contact makes person hair falls off easily; Song Bai kind flowers and trees sends out the oil that go out is sweet, can affect the person's appetite.

Some flowers are harmless to human body, but overcome with other breed photograph however, when buying a flower to plant, also should avoid. Be like, rose and mignonette are together, mignonette can die of old age, but mignonette can release a kind of material to make a rose toxic before die of old age death; The female flower such as corn poppy, orchid, pink, violet, lily and other flowers and plants get along hard, cause plant death easily.

Additional, inside the house that the patient lives unsuited also raise a flower, because the clay in flowerpot produces unripe fungus spore to be able to diffuse,arrive in indoor air, cause human body surface or deep infection, the skin that invades a person possibly still, respiratory tract, external auditory meatus, meninx reachs the place such as cerebrum. For this bad to sufferring from disease, constitution originally person, be like one disaster after another, ill patient of special dialogue blood and harm of the person that the organ transplants are greater.
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