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The limit of life wheat stalk applies

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Information of number of 2008-8-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Zhang Xia

The AllWays set that when the sea place of company of fertile family name designs appeared 2008 of Australian International Design Awards in be seleted list finally when, design of furniture of this office that cross a state and manufacturer are like and do not have special care about, actually, what make them glad most is, the office furniture of AllWays series is the first trade case of technology of environmental protection of particieboard of Asian use wheat straw.

Are those wheat stalk what how obtained stylist is loving? In the sea the correlation that we found the solution in principle of 7 of fertile family name highest designs: This locality of the material of content of tall second birth that removes toxic biology accumulation material, choice to be able to reclaim, choice produces can update data quickly.

But durative plan is being designed actually is not mysterious in the process, come from Jiangsu province but second birth useless straw becomes the lake very quickly the target of fertile family name. In fact, they begin laid the road of a green, a rural area can develop the green solution that offers innovation for its periphery city.

Was in the past no matter still be now, wheat stalk is a kind very useful farming by-product. The growth of general woodiness raw material is periodic be as long as a few years, to little forest China, grow the wheat stalk with very short cycle is become reduce nature loss and raise kind of effective crop of an income. And, wheat stalk occupied barley, oaten, rice, rye or wheat almost (2024, - 49, - 2.36% , ) the half that waits for corn crop crop, reap the occurrence of means as the arrival of contemporary agriculture times and machinery, the burden that they had become a farmer is headachy thing even. Through the sea the raw material of fertile family name buys a plan, farmer people no longer in order to discard or flaming means solves them, they can receive extra income, designing initiative promoted economy and society well but durative development.

More important is, company of fertile family name and source of partner businessman vessel are in the sea to study the job is medium further, after cut, mill, air is basked in and filtering in order to pass, the aggregate colophony that joined zoology environmental protection undertakes punch, final successful generation gives high quality wheat straw particieboard, "They look and common particieboard is distinguished without what, but must achieve us certainly the quality standard to the desktop, bearing for instance force and intensity " . AllWays stars another some of data of range of products also is worth to pay close attention to very much this -- it is contained of 53% already circulated material, after its use life ends, the part of 63% will be used circularly again.

And make a person surprizing more is, the new technology of AllWays series did not bring cost burden to the company, contrary, they and sea fertile family name is other and congener the price of the product was not distinguished almost, they use glue scarcely likewise and use screw to assemble a part as far as possible, the carbon dioxide slot that purchaser place still includes to should pay in commodity price eliminates cost, this teachs you to realize, every every kinds of product, place serves with every, metropolis generation quickens the carbon dioxide that climate changes, you just still were used to the airline ticket that is your to pay additional carbon dioxide quits fee in the past, but in the future, you should begin to support construction of green energy infrastructure with this kind of more and more actions.
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