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Urban road afforest establishs planted alternative to the plant

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-9-7 number information: Urban road afforest is the main component that the city builds, also be urban landscape scene is important reflect. Common saying says: "Gold does not have pure gold, the person does not have perfect man " . Any tree is planted have advantage and drawback, the key depends on how " foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses " , how does ability achieve corresponding result. When tree of choice way afforest is planted, should grow considering floral above all characteristics and different area are right grow arboreously climate, use agrestic tree to plant or domestication tree is planted; Consider to fight the pollution, sex that defy wind next, be able to bear or endure the tree of clip is planted; The tree that chooses to be able to be purchased in great quantities again is planted.

The plant breed that suits various places to grow is numerous, among them a lot of admirable road afforest cultivate kind of need promotion to apply, now brief recommend as follows:

1. Deciduous leaf arbor: Be like: Yu of tree of 1000 pagoda tree of tung of ginkgo, law, country, Chinese toon, Chinese tallow tree, mulberry, compose, Piao Shu, Bai Yu, Lang, heavy Yang Mu, maple poplar, Chinese pistache, impunity child, happy tree, weeping willow, white wax, hang down a Chinese flowering crabapple, .

2. Constant green tree: Chinese juniper of sweet camphor tree, n/bot glossy privet, An Yulan, sponge tree, Du Ying, Le Changhan laugh, n/bot glossy privet, cedar, Sichuan cypress, oriental arborvitae, Bai Mu, Long Bai.

3. Deciduous leaf bush: Kerria, winter jasmine, pomegranate, Chinese redbud, crape myrtle, cotton rose, Mu Jin, Gong Ruimu, gold-rimmed peach, gold-rimmed plum.

4. Changlu bush: Gold of mother of flower of Chinese littleleaf box of oleander, great part of a historical period, gardenia, Hai Tong, sweet-scented osmanthus, olive growing, Huang Xin, camellia, yucca, midge, coral, Shi Nan, anise dish wait.

5. The ground is reached soddy: White beautiful clover, in Feburary orchid, humid euphorbia of creeping oxalis of grass of liver mosses of anguine berry, Jin Xie, jade hairpin, safflower, 5 leaves, Manila is careless, 100 admire amount to grass, horse's hoof muscle, sun plant, canna, ground be waited for by Chinese rose.

6. Liana: Stone of oily hemp cane, Fu Fang cane, wistaria, honeysuckle, sth resembling a net, cane this Chinese rose, Ling Xiao.

7. Bamboo kind plant: Bamboo of kind filial piety, tea pole bamboo, feed gallinaceous bamboo.
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