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A few kinds can purify indoor airy flowers

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Information of number of 2008-8-30 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: If indoor air is bad, just moved into the room that just had decorated especially, had better open a window ventilated, place bit of flower appropriately to have profit greatly to purifying air next, the following kinds of painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style introduce below action of indoor to purifying airy:
Canna  flower of rice of renown safflower broadleaf plant, bud, phoenix end flower, relaxedly ginger. Hua Yan says: "Canna fights a gender strong, 2 oxidation sulfur it can fall. " it has very strong absorbency to 2 oxidation sulfur can.

Pomegranate  if,the name installs pomegranate, sea pomegranate, red. Hua Yan says: "Beautiful pomegranate is aflame with colour, watch a flower again already if really, air contains lead not to want to hide. " indoor place 9 pomegranate, can reduce the amount containing lead in air.

China pink  renown Luoyang flower, careless China pink, vivacious herb, xia Qiu blossoms. Hua Yan says: "Abdomen of iron of careless China pink is measured, can clean mephitis smooth. " it has the ability that absorbs 2 oxidation sulfur and chloride, every has the place of similar gas, all can cultivate China pink.

Hua Yan of  of Chinese rose, rose says: "Amount of abdomen of Chinese rose rose is large, swallow mephitis to be able to be digested. " more ground absorbs these two kinds of flowers vulcanization hydrogen, fluorine turns the harmful gas such as hydrogen, phenol, ether, reduce the pollution of these gas.

Daisy, evergreen  daisy the name is Yan Mingju, Chun Ju, little headdress flower of elegant chrysanthemum, glass chrysanthemum, Ma Lan. Hua Yan says: "Daisy evergreen, divide contaminative fight in the van. " these two kinds of plants but effectively eliminate the pollution of 3 fluorine ethylene.

Chrysanthemum, sago cycas, grow cany  Hua Yan says: "Chrysanthemum sago cycas grows cane, can absorb benzene gas clean, " these 3 kinds of flowers, have the ability that sucks benzene, can reduce the pollution of benzene.

Hua Yan of  of bracketplant, Lu Hui says: "Bracketplant aloe is a strong opponent, formaldehyde is frightened so that hiding to go " . These two kinds of flowers can eliminate the pollution of formaldehyde, make air is purified.

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