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20 billion capital is dim the oil in withdrawing defends Ma Feng to cultivate al

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The expert thinks industrial catenary is faced with rupture with blind action it is numerous capital suffers tired advocate because of

Shellfish overcomes a company to be missing sadly, investment of 2 billion dollar makes a plan; British sunshine company came, do not have tree of kind of a Ma Feng however; In oil the latercomers surpass the formers, kind the Ma Feng below is cultivated when ability refine gives oil unmanned however and witting, and at the outset those thrasonical investment 20 billion yuan enterprise also becomes nowadays silent is breathed ——— the backside of a series of this sharp contrast, hiding after all why to plant mystery? Our newspaper reporter investigates discovery further, although outside heat fries new energy resources, but among them enterprise has place oneself each however difficulties that one is reluctant to mention, at the outset affirmatory investment spends shrink of different also level.

Financing gap crosses ten million

Shellfish overcomes company sign to be searched hard

Yesterday, headquarters of our newspaper connection is in the Beck head office of Madrid, this company is unmanned however and respondent. Reporter basis shellfish restrains the telephone call that head office website announces, try to contact its to be in the branch of and other places of Spain, Germany, Hungarian, Israel, Brazil, discover two companies phone of Brazil is only smooth, but nobody are received listen, and other branch telephone number all is spacing. The reporter sends email to this company subsequently, but till the reporter distributes news dispatches when stop, this company did not reply.

“ at the outset company of a few foreign capital is high-key enter, also have the suspicion ” that builds situation and hype, sichuan visits forestry department speak bluntly of a high level. Understand according to him, the case that enters the foreign capital company that is stationed in kapok to developing Ma Feng tree to come to be put in capital not to reach the designated position more or less at that time, this may become shellfish to overcome kapok company to remove endowment main reason.

An interior that the reporter released in May 2008 in government of county of edge of kapok city salt discovers in the file, company of shellfish gram kapok still has in saline edge county on the financing gap of ten million: Saline edge county began to overcome a company to cooperate with shellfish 2006, company of shellfish gram kapok is affirmatory at that time with every mus 565.3 yuan (3 years) the standard is carried out cultivate. Ended 2006, saline edge county cultivates 27 thousand mus in all, it is about 20 thousand mus via checking and accept qualification, company of kapok of final shellfish gram however with 143 yuan / mu the standard pays a project to build a fund, cause in those days project financing gap 2.555 million yuan. And to 2008, because shellfish overcomes kapok company to exit,15 thousand mus of Ma Feng that still have afforestation are cultivated cause in those days financing gap 5.755 million yuan, if press shellfish to overcome kapok company to invest a standard (3 years) computation, financing gap is as high as thirteen million nine hundred and thirty-three thousand yuan.
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