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Fang Shuxia: The ten million fortune of bud of a packet of seed

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October 10, the reporter comes to the Zhang riverside county of ministry of Fujian Province southeast, in town length the bridge we saw here illustrious and famous hostess —— Fang Shuxia. Fang Shuxia is not Fujian native originally, her native place is in Shaanxi, and she comes to here alone 10 years ago, kind removed a kind to be called “ to add those who take interest date ” to view and admire a tree. The business of this tree is done is 10 years, and now nowadays, she 51 years old has had nursery many mus 300, total assets is close 20 million yuan, became place's famous fortune large family.

The first day of morning, our interview ability to just begin, abrupt Fang Shuxia received a telephone call, jumped at a draught, all over the face anxious, also did not consider on explain to run directly.

Fang Shuxia: I am in “ did not see at the door me, I am now before inn. ”

Reporter: “ how? ”

Fang Shuxia: “ he this plane number does not have report, small well-informed do not have report, he is not contacted with me, do not know the car ran where to go. ”

Original, it is to two clients did not follow Fang Shuxia to contact ahead of schedule, come over to pull sapling directly, drive in do not say at the same place, anxious still send money. Fang Shuxia does not have there's still time to prepare sapling ahead of schedule, the client has been the person waits with the car however was in roadside. The course enquires the reporter just knows, these two clients, the afforest project that is an estate of Shanghai and Xiamen the afforest project of area of one individual villa, they are the sapling that buy Fang Shuxia for the first time.

Fang Shuxia: You must follow “ it is clear that he is explained. This word says not to say the responsibility that is me, you say not to say the responsibility that is you with him, he cuts the duty that be not being cut is him. ”

Reporter: How many individual plant does “ this secondary buy? ”

Xiamen client: “ is not much, ten individual plant, buy here. ”

Reporter: How does “ know to come to what this buys? ”

Xiamen client: This knew “ . Name is very big. ”

Fortunately the small freight car there goes to Xiamen first, the car that assembles good Xiamen gives the cart outfit of Shanghai again, time is arranged as a whole, the circumstance has Jing to not have danger, two businesses are great make it.

Fang Shuxia: “ Xiaoliu, this car is new car. ”

Reporter: Is “ this car to be used for the first time? ”

Fang Shuxia: “ first time is used. ”

Driver: “ just hunged up yesterday card. ”
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