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Guangxi " derv is cultivated " cultivate see dimensions is expected to give birt

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The small tung of 1 million mus of “ that starts at the beginning of this year cultivates treatment forest oil scale sees at the beginning of unifinication project ” , the tree that this kind of fructification can refine diesel oil is planted (common says “ Ma Feng cultivates ” ) , already was in city of pool of Nanning, Liuzhou, guest, 100 color, rivers, admire, esteem left 7 city are connected piece cultivate, to gross of the statistic end July 230 thousand mus, and increase the rate of 10 thousand mus of above newly with every months increase by degrees.

Came 24 days on August 23, hair of Ministry of Agriculture of leading organization of resource of research center of development of the State Council and environmental policy institute, country changes appoint, ministry of natural resources of the Ministry of finance, land, the State Council helps deficient up to do, the department of 6 big ministries and commissions such as national forestry bureau concerns leader and expert, go to Guangxi to cultivate the survey that ” of project of treatment forest oily unifinication begins by a definite date two days with respect to “ small tung.

Survey group thinks, wisdom couplet but limited company of second birth energy is had in respect of industrialization of Guangxi small tung representative, use small tung to be raw material, carry out Lin Jian of the sources of energy of derv of 1 million mus of biology to set a project, begin biology derv to develop production and technical research, forest of executive the sources of energy changes the strategic fixed position that expands biology derv, right but structural adjustment of forestry of development of second birth energy, area farming has positive effect. Current, wisdom couplet is in small tung is thoroughbred collect change processing to cultivate with seed selection, Shi Mo experiment, short change high yield to help advance somebody's career the respect such as technical research obtains series positive result, lay a foundation to realize dimensions of biology derv raw material to turn production.

Small tung is the forest of the sources of energy with our country peculiar south, also be the derv tree with the at present rapiddest development on international is planted, upland, country, Campagna is cultivated aptly, grow extensive of rapid, management, can hang fruit put into production 3 years, enter Cheng Guo period 5 years, the result does not divide big Xiaonian, output year after year increases, use cycle to be as long as 30 years above, year all mu crop 500 ~ 1000 kilograms, year all mu production value 1000 ~ 2000 yuan. Small tung is planted benevolence oil content is as high as 50% above, can refine high grade biology diesel oil. The small tung after classics modified is oily applicably at all sorts of derv engine, 0 derv of excel home. Accordingly, small tung says “ biology derv cultivates ” again. Small tung still is retreated return n cultivated land forest, the high grade forest that the afforest barren mountain, development that help deficient up, Shi Mo turns processing.
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