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Vanward flora makes check dry Nuo Er to do saline to change prairie

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On August 26, the member that project of dust storm of Beijing of institute of geology of Chinese geological academy of sciences is comprised hurries off to one of Inner Mongolia's biggest dry saline —— checks dry Nuo Er to do saline, examine vanward flora to grow state, discover its the way corp is growing is good.

Those who dried up check area of saline of dry Nuo Er to amount to kilometer of 80 much square, hope to cannot see a side, white one, it is a desert, flyer less than, the ground of the death on the prairie of saline land —— that does not have even small ant. But, arrived spring, northwest wind is blown, it however dirt boils empyreal, the blue sky agitate that straps Xi Lin Guo gets dusky. These billow yellow dirt are mixed in headroom other after assemble of each yellow dirt, issue Beijing continuously as northwest wind. They became one of dirt source ground with Beijing the mainest dust storm.

Pass investigation and study one time, project group decides the vanward flora in small area of local plant experimentally, in order to covers this barren land. So, end came this year in April at the beginning of May, the member that the project is comprised and cooperative unit (zoology of alumni association of swallow Beijing college helps deficient committee, Beijing manage up to change an analysis to check center and Beijing nature museum) head for check saline of dry Nuo Er, the geology of the area, earthy to saline, environment is awaited compatibly wait for a problem to undertake full-scale investigation and sampling study, try establish in its the eastpart part the vanward flora of small area.

Vanward flora is to point to, because suffer nature and factitious and geological action to destroy, after making place turns desert extreme into harsh environment, can the plant that in advance reachs to this ground grows and multiply, it is a kind of vitality extremely strong, can live below extreme environment, economy is add the flora with high cost. This the vanward plant name of plant experimentally is Suaeda Spp, common weighs alkaline bitter fleabane, hao of dish of renown Huang Xu, salt, belong to goosefoot division, our country has 20 a variety of, belong to annual herb, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure salt, be able to bear or endure drought, vitality is strong; Community is tall 20 ~ 50 centimeters, highest can amount to 100 centimeters; Enclothe rate can amount to 60% ~ 100% .

Fresh tender alkaline bitter fleabane is natural potherb, mouth of Xian Ke of tender Xie Wei, can direct edible, present market price is 15 yuan / jin. The amino acid content of alkaline bitter fleabane is high, contain protein 40% (as equal as soja) , carotene 1.75mg/100g, vitamin B 220.10mg/100g, vitamin C 78mg/100g (its vitamin gross is 299.85 Mg/100g, than yangtao vitamin gross
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