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Day price nation orchid make element of masses card light snow 8 yuan / individu

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Exhibit in flowers of Chinese Kunming international the following day, because the audience can enter the arena freely, large quantities of people that love a flower were drawn inside flowers exhibition hall, all sorts of flowers, nursery stock already became the “ star ” in camera eye, and 8 yuan of every individual plant head the heat that the light snow element that exhibits into masses flowers also made everybody rush to purchase, the orchid that high-grade product is previously already walked into common common people in.

Exhibit in orchid on, many people are in the price that seeking advice from the orchid breed such as light snow element, heavy snow element, Zhu Sha orchid, in flower show inside first days of time of a hour, dali orchid develops many 100 orchid of limited company to sell one sky, “ the same night allocated and transport again from Dali 200 orchid progress is met the spot, today's light snow element already sale 20. Li Guanghong of ” company president says, valve of exhibiting light snow element, heavy snow element, Zhu Sha orchid, yellow lotus, red lotus valve is national orchid breed, in March 2005 the price of heavy snow element is 20 thousand / individual plant, present price is 120 yuan only / individual plant, light snow element also is controlled 8000 yuan from former every individual plant turn into 8 yuan of present / individual plant, the name tastes orchid to already can walk into an innumberable families, national orchid consumption already made the way of a development in the future. A personage inside the trade that pursues old orchid trade introduces, come nearly 3 years, the quantity is in a lot of orchid to grow with the speed of 70% , individual breed still grows with the speed of 200% , breed no longer rare the need that walking along dimensions to change industrialization way sometimes is flowers development.

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