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Stone of country of national flower of Guo Shuguo bird chooses " explore battali

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Recently, the news that chooses about ” of “ country stone emerges in endlessly. It is first have and the ” of stone of selected “ country such as fossil of stone of jade of Tian Yu, caving cliff, Bahrain, Shou Shanshi, Qing Tianshi, prosperous awaits the news that chooses roll, it is to come out again the report that stone of Fujian birthday hill already was elected as ” of “ country stone, immediately has “ classics to be checked to association of Chinese treasure jade again, country Shi Shang not assess, shou Shanshi is elected say what do not belong to solid ” to refute a rumor. True it may be said is “ one stone arouses 1000 billow ” .

Actually, be in early this year (2003) the beginning of the year, already had the news that our country will have bird of tree, national flower, country chooses the country, because encounter SARS halt,come down later. The upsurge of news of ” of “ country stone, arouse people again the interest that to “ country ” name chooses. As we have learned, selection job takes the lead in national forestry bureau below, already by China forest association of jade of treasure of association of association of flowers of China of institutional in the company of, Chinese wild animal, China begins to prepare to choose a report from November, offer preliminary opinion, sign up for the State Council and standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress at the end of the year. If everything goes well, final result will at was being announced during the National People's Congress in March next year. Why to choose “ country ” name

The natural resources of the content that use plant of our country is unusually substantial, all through the ages has the beauty such as ” of avian birthplace of ” of “ arboreous kingdom, “ praise. According to statistic, our country has of all kinds Qiao Guanmu 8000 a variety of, tree of aller than same and latitudinal area country is planted the sum is much still; Avian 1300 a variety of, occupy the 13.5 % of world avian sum total about; The whole world has 30 thousand about a variety of flowers, china was occupied among them 7 into.

Chinese people all through the ages the vast territory and abundant resources with the motherland, mountains and rivers-land is elegant for pride, and constant lovemaking among them, express Huai Yongzhi. In wind of past dynasties country in civilian word, of the elegant, wintersweet that we appreciated peony be proud Xue Hanxiang, glad Yu Dan carries a crane on the head lengthen life delay year, stimulate sigh of Yu Songbai indomitable, more the “ of beautiful jade of deep feeling of from the bottom of one's heart benevolence, justice, wisdom, the 5 De Zhizan …… of ” of brave, clean and human photograph accompany photograph dwell move a plant to waited to have deep culture intention from this, become ethos, folkway symbolizes consuetudinarily and place.
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