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Garden of Xiamen garden rich grows first peculiar vegetable

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If the night like broad-leaved epiphyllum puts morning to fall,you had seen, when falling, resemble waving lofty arbor of Xue Wuxu? You had seen the leaf is like huge strike with the palm of the hand, be like pellet if really, is fructification baked ripe hind is flavour like the peculiar plant of biscuit? You know 8 meters to a leaf is as long as light, become namely after juice insolation saccharic magical and palmy …… will enclosed ground for growing trees to garden rich henceforth, the tourist is OK the magical plant that saw with one's own eyes witnesses these to see inaccessibly at ordinary times. Center precious rare tree plants garden rich to had begun construction at present field construction, rare bush of rare arbor and precious of 300 much individual plant has finished precious of first 250 much individual plant cultivate. The reporter is in yesterday of the staff member guide below, experience these breed precious the plant with rare, peculiar modelling.

Precious rare tree is planted the communal garden area that is located in edge of petrified wood garden field. Nowadays, periphery of petrified wood garden has changed greatly appearance, base removed little ground slope, grow removes all sorts of tall bush. The plant here is big not common, it is from the precious that each district collect comes to rare tree is planted. Although landscape construction has not spread out, a lot of tree just are grown below, crown of a tree also has not grown good, dan Fu enters garden, all sorts of infrequent plant enumerate at the moment, still let person eye shine.

Yu Rui stands still at petrified wood garden the top of the earthy slope in, limb Qiu like that, appear Zhuo Er not group. Staff member introduction, this kind of rare view spends the broad-leaved epiphyllum ” in planting tree of kind of the “ that be called. Blossom in night like broad-leaved epiphyllum because of it, died of old age to dawn flower. When florescence arrives, yu Rui is in cultivate completely overnight blossom cabinet deep and remote flower, when the day shines quickly, these flowers in succession wither and fall, fall to spend rain, scenery especially moving, than transitory more grand.

The biscuit tree that produces Malaysia formerly also plunges into next roots to come here. This also is a kind view and admire a tree rarely to plant, its crown of a tree maintains the big umbrella since like, fructification gets together for pellet form beautiful fruit. Expert introduction, bake its fructification ripe hind allay one's hunger of OK and present bag, flavour also with biscuit similar, get a name consequently.

Be cultivated without care and Buddhist emperor tree is like banyan. In precious rare tree is planted garden corner, the reporter saw this kind of tree. The expert says, the tree that do not have care is annual 3 to blossom between May, get together on the tree when blooming full the flower of golden color, if will whole crown of a tree is enclothed like torch, rectifying a large tree to as if is the pagoda of a golden color.
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