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Garden nursery industry well in school thinking enlightenment the line Three C

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Read good "thinking, enlightenment, the line" succeed "Three Character Classic" I think the current industry environment in which seedlings of "crises", the "opportunities" exist. In recent years, urban greening, village beautification, environmental protection, land rehabilitation and green have become the focus of development at this time is in need of a transformation of the upgraded Garden nursery industry ranks to assume the Chinese people's livelihood and environmental protection of urban and rural landscaping large office. However, from the industry, the external environment, the economy continues to "winter" has not really experienced; from within the industry, environment, garden Forest seedlings format "small, scattered, miscellaneous, random" still, the production complex and chaotic, sales are sluggish, small and complete landscape company, vicious competition frequently occur, is difficult to take a leading role. Garden nursery industry, do not upgrade and will cycle into a vicious cycle. The face of "danger", "machine", we should take and the "anti" and "turn" response strategy. Control of assets investment, accelerate the sale of nursery stock reserves, Good cash flow, balance, innovative business model, participation in industry segments, aggregated industry resources, reduce costs and expenses. Also, look for opportunities to follow the policy, focused their attention on the process of urbanization, environmental protection, rural construction will focus on the outbreak Green order. Through these reflections, we can realize: garden nursery industry should take the polymer chain + path specialization. Learning the appliance industry, "Gome and Suning" mode, with its business philosophy to achieve transformation of rose garden nursery industry Level. Specialization in accordance with the principles of the China Field Huakai company will design, seedlings, nursery stock purchasing and distribution functions to a qualified company to operate actively build their own online and offline "China seedling distribution services platform", and explore A garden nursery industry to promote the market "from the disorder, extensive, confusion, and miscellaneous small to orderly, standardized, specialized division of labor expertise and excellent" way of development. Hua Kaihua field after 3 years of cultivation, production has been formed for the country Industry clusters, has circulation of 3.6 million mu of farm land development and 20 linkage has been established in the national sample of 12 seedlings of chain supermarkets. China sourcing and distribution operations of wild seedlings and greening of urban and rural environment, planning, design and construction business has been Involved in Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Chongqing, 13 provinces.
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