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Many initiatives to ensure that the new garden departments through the drought o

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10 reporter learned from Hohhot Garden Authority, current and garden nursery stock is in a critical period of growth for continuous high temperature near Hohhot, the actual situation of drought, for the seedlings planted this spring are able to survive the dry period to ensure the survival of , the council actively take measures to fight drought Battle 5. Specifically: Add 9 sets of large water truck, arranged night out of the bus on the key sections, such as drought in key areas to focus on the more serious assault watering sites; for the planting of large coniferous trees last winter and spring, taking 24 hours continuous input of nutrient solution ; use of film, shade structures shed, wet spray method, mitigation of water evaporation; of qualified regional irrigation method using water-saving plants pay a large area; organization Human cleared up weeds, weeds and garden plants to avoid competition for nutrients and water. Meanwhile, the garden morning and evening use of plant protection department of space, the conservation of drug plants sprayed to prevent pests and diseases took the opportunity to attack.
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