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Beech, Qingtong, cedar and other evergreen and deciduous large tree with each other, various forms of mold lines extend all the way flower beds ... ... Qingdao, as a famous tourist city, green level has been commendable. Qingdao in recent years, creating an ecological "big garden", especially the 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition green building boom, began to stimulate the industry to accelerate the development of seedlings. Recently, the reporter interviewed the city's Association for Wang Tiankun seedlings. He said that at present, Qingdao seedlings usher in a new development opportunities are required to find out the real situation, identify the causes and speed up industrial restructuring, to keep up with the pace of urban greening. Family property to find out the industry 2008-2009, Qingdao city seedling nursery associations seedling census carried out activities on the local varieties of seedlings, specifications, quantity, production and operation status were thoroughly investigated. "More than 300 nurseries, area acres account for 60% below to 70%, only a dozen large-sized seedlings, and few in number. Built after 2003 in the garden most of the state of the verge of collapse." Wang Tiankun statement current situation: the nursery were fragmented, not a scale. Most nurseries and miscellaneous varieties, special garden rarely, resulting in the nursery breeding technique is not refined, is not standardized. Second, most nurseries do not pay attention to the quality of seedlings, seedling planting density is too large, causing many small seedling crown, or even partial crown. "Qingdao's nursery industry has been disadvantaged." Wangtian Kun told reporters that the newly established Association of Qingdao when the seedlings, only twenty or thirty members, and most of the garden is the construction business. "Construction companies considering their own interests, nursery stock price down hard, a heavy blow to the local nursery business confidence." This makes the most of local green with seedlings purchased from the field, and a large backlog of local nursery seedlings. Development of standards for nursery stock Qingdao industry status for the seedlings, how to carry out industrial restructuring? Wang Tiankun that the development of effective local standards is a key step in seedlings. Association journal seedlings in Qingdao, "Qingdao Green IT" in each of the quarter will be published in association seedlings developed market guide price. The reporters found that many nursery operators and offer different is a specification of a species and more than one unit, but there are three levels, each level has a price. For example, 2 meters in height the price of cedar in October were 110 yuan, 65 yuan, 50 yuan. Wang Tiankun stressed seedlings graded not by subjective judgments, but well documented. Qingdao Association local garden nursery sector, industry experts took 3 years to develop the "industry standard Qingdao compilation of landscape", the variety of commonly used standard in Qingdao. According to Variety properties, in accordance with the ratio of crown height, crown dry ratio and the appearance of the three indicators to assess plant seedling level. "This standard has been validated through the Quality and Technical Supervision issued Qingdao, Qingdao City, where one of the criteria, the garden departments in project bidding process, select seedlings will usually refer to this standard." Wangtian Kun said, "Qingdao Association of seedlings per months to be held in 'Landscape Design Qingdao Sharon', in the designer to implement this standard, to stimulate the production nursery. "It is understood that the past two years, Qingdao has emerged over several acres of nurseries, professional degree than in the past has greatly improved. Seize opportunities Wang Tiankun said that Qingdao has a superior geography, climate and environment, is subtropical and northern temperate seedlings acclimated good transit point. "It is very suitable for the growth of seedlings cultivation, the planning should be reasonable so that the formation of regional large-scale production of seedlings." He said. It is understood that the second half of last year, Qingdao City, prices began to steadily seedlings, green seedlings sales and prices have suffered different degrees of increase. Especially this year, the World Horticultural Exposition 2014 held in Qingdao message to nursery industry energized. It is understood that the Bank Park will be located in Lee Chang-East Ginkgo Forest Park, covering about 5.3 square kilometers. Currently, Lee Chang-eastern region around the park planning, "Villages" has been started; park surrounding area roads, rivers and other infrastructure have been started. Not long ago, Wang Tiankun World Park will be appointed as members of the Group Executive Committee, he has organized a city-wide Association of Horticultural collection for large size seedling. "Comprehensive greening seedlings will lead to greater demand." He said.
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