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YANG: To ensure the safety of 5,000 acres of winter seedlings

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This year, attaches great importance to Youyang County flower seedling management, as of yesterday, the county town 9 to 16 villages on the seedlings of winter control over, brush with lime seedlings all at the same time, also applied on the top dressing for flower seedlings to ensure the safety of 5,000 acres of winter seedlings. Improve the construction quality of forest management to be effective. Winter, Youyang county government requirements, the county shall be the winter flowers, nursery stock management, led the county Bureau of Forestry, forestry and technical personnel dispatched to guide the technical supervision and inspection of the township, specific guidance on the nursery all farmers weeding and fertilization. It is gratifying that 13 forest owners have consciously on the nursery management. With the county town of the title of the first flower seedlings Gan town party committee and government to the current nursery management as an important task to implement the responsibility system, the implementation of reward and punishment system, mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers in nursery management. It is worth mentioning is that they in the nursery management, and make sure the attention frost insulation, strengthen the pruning, the shallow plowing fertilization, to enhance pest control, fertilizer reasonable, due to strengthening management, seedlings grew well with one of the gratifying situation.
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