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Evergreen Pass in Yichang Bai Yang Ping cooperative training center garden nu

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At 9:00 on November 29th, 2010 about the mountains northwest of Yiling Huanghua Township, Village Baiyang deafening sound of firecrackers three groups broke the silence of the small mountain village, dressed in costumes of the villagers as a holiday, as to the newly completed early Evergreen Pass of Yichang Bai Yang Ping cooperative training center garden nursery, they are prepared to participate in the training center for the opening and garden nursery warm winter, the technology of field management tutorial. Evergreen Pass in Yichang Bai Yang Ping Cheng garden nursery co-chairman of the World Mountain, said at the opening ceremony, Yichang Bai Yang Ping Evergreen Pass garden nursery Hong Yang Group is co-led the villagers to another move to get rich. To form networks through cooperative gardens surrounding villagers to participate in the construction and management of nursery stock, planting techniques and services obtained from the double income benefit. The first experts to give lectures to listen to the villagers into the spacious, bright classrooms, a multi-functional audio-visual equipment to see the classroom, excited, and cooperatives from seedlings to 61 families in 57 centers villagers listened attentively. Hong Yang Group to support with the new rural construction, and fundamentally change the poverty and backwardness of the region, carefully study the market demand, investment of more than 300 million in the construction of a garden nursery Evergreen Pass base, and to attract the villagers to participate in the form of cooperatives . Has a close network of 57 villagers in the spring of 2010 the high standard of cultivation, rare domestic and garden nursery of 157 acres, more than 20 million trees. But for thousands of years to grow corn, wheat farmers, the new wife is undoubtedly the car, the first resort. In order to improve the overall quality of the villagers to meet the management needs of new industries, more than 200 million co-investment in the base characteristics of the Ming and Qing dynasties built, antique training center, building area of 800 square meters, can accommodate 100 people trained and dining. Day of training, cooperatives Yiling District Forestry Bureau invited all senior engineers taught the winter garden nursery field management classes. After the training, co-operatives also taught in all the villagers prepared a hearty lunch.
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