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Florescence of 4 kinds of helianthus is as long as 20 days every price 8 control

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Information of number of 2007-9-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: 300x209

Black, gules, white, double color... yesterday morning, in Beijing agrotechnical promotion station goes in for sth in a large scale base, the helianthus of 40 different breed shows smiling face in Qiu Yu, salute the advent of tourist. Because be used as to view and admire the history of pattern not to grow, this is this city first large-scale introduce from abroad view and admire model helianthus breed.

According to city Zhao Yajing of director of agrotechnical promotion station introduces, 40 when introduce this are viewed and admire model helianthus breed, main component is 4 lubricious departments, namely maize department, gules department, white department and answer color department. The petaline color that yellow fastens is golden color, flower disc color is black, flaxen with green; The petaline color of gules department is red or damask, flower disc color is black or cardinal; The petaline color that white fastens is white or yellow white, flower disc is virescent or blackish green is lubricious; Answer color fastens the meeting on every flower to have 2 at the same time to 3 kinds of color. Abound besides color outside, view and admire model another characteristic of helianthus does not have pollen namely, allergic to pollen person also won't affect his to view and admire. View and admire model the conserve method of helianthus is very simple, the helianthus after the citizen wants to will be cut only puts a few greater vase inside, put clear water can, florescence is the longest can amount to 20 days.

Current, sell on this city market view and admire model helianthus breed basically includes star of the Red Sea, confuse you Shi Fang of bamboo of sun flower, happy artillery, Ba, happy small atomy, aureate Mo Ni gets stuck, Patty is small certain herbaceous plants with big flowers. The citizen that likes delicacy to cut a flower can arrive Lai too station of agrotechnical promotion of flowers market or city is bought, every price is in 8 control to 10 yuan, the citizen that means oneself to cultivate still can receive station of city agrotechnical promotion to buy a seed continuously, money of every 5 horn.

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