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East battalion: First " salt gives birth to arboretum " build

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Information of number of 2007-9-21 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Be in east battalion the city zone on a few busy main streets, kind of landscape tree that hangs full fruits cries " bitter Lian " tree, be reform through breeding the tree that suits to grow at saline land is planted one of. Through development construction of 10 years, countrywide head " salt gives birth to arboretum " in east battalion city builds.

In " salt gives birth to arboretum " inside, 10 years breed the 40 more than division such as successful forest, fruiter, flowers, grazing, vegetable, crop, Chinese herbal medicine 300 many " be able to bear or endure salt " breed. The world also is here on " salt gives birth to a plant " one of garden of science and technology with wholer breed.

According to Shandong salt Shao Qiuling of unripe arboretum director introduces, save in Shandong only east battalion, bank and other places of city, heart city, He lustre, not long commissariat, arboreous saline land has many mus 500. These bare saline land cannot get vegetation for a long time enclothe, more drama the aggravation of zoology. Through these a few years science experiments, salt gives birth to what arboretum breeds to get used to the wintry jujube that grows in saline land, cotton, grape, paddy, Lu Zhu, alkaline bitter fleabane, big Xie Bu the plant such as hematic grass, had blossommed and bear fruit in the Huanghe delta, these scientific research achievement will produce positive effect to improving the zoology environment of saline land. (Yin Wencheng)

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