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Machine ethnic group spends suburb of Shanghai showing a body (graph)

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Information of number of 2007-9-18 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Machine ethnic group is beautiful, had been you heard?

The reporter came to Shanghai flower harbor yesterday, saw two diligent amazedly " technician " -- , one Nature's engineering makes 24 hours, bring the systemic organ such as eye, nose, cerebra into play, the growth that always collects red palm flower data, send message Holand inside 10 minutes... city farming appoint science and technology is promoted farming the project does concerned personage introduction, they are the intelligent robots that flower harbor introduced from Holand first this year in March, chinese is called " the plant grows the appearance that monitor " .

In the red palm beautiful hot house in a 0.5 hectare, the reporter saw the two black guy in the flowers far. Before approaching, go, discover they resemble a person a bit, but look carefully, it is the combination of each machine spare parts. But all-around photograph rotationally like the head, be a robot " eye " , it can film the data of real time image of next flowers, if blade is withered and yellow or was to have plant diseases and insect pests, the metropolis on image is shown without involuntary discharge of urine, leave out the trouble that often watchs to the spot artificially. Palm of a machine, clipped a leaf that red palm spends gently, so this is to detecting blade photosynthesis rate, can judge the brisk rate that flowers grows from this. Another is inserted in the probe in flowerpot, be a robot " foot " , it is measuring the moisture content in matrix, too dry or too wet, can give out in time remind. In addition, one breathes out breathe out a place with a draught that make sound, be a robot " nose " , can detect the data such as content of the humidity in air, carbon dioxide... according to introducing, the robot has 20 in all all over many inside, outside probe, can collect data all the time.

In the robot above left, still have a small honest case, that is " cerebrum " . The data that wants a course 5 minutes only is analysed, satellite of 5 minutes transmits reoccupy, can direct " communicate " to Holand, and even world each district. Send the information that come to undertake an analysis according to the robot, meet in Dutch flowers experts personally every other a week, mixed in January issue first quarter evaluate a report, directive Shanghai here how to plant a flower. Once produce plant diseases and insect pests, still can undertake real time diagnose remotely. Such, shanghai introduces the flowers variety of enervated, need not worry again kind bad.

Technician Xiaoshen says, not long ago, they discover some red palms spend leaf occurrence wither, the way corp is growing of a few breed is apparent slow down, think encountered what plant diseases and insect pests. A Holand expert that lingers in Shanghai points out, should be the cause with the 78 too strong illumination between the month. He says, oneself discover when Holand, the range of illumination curve change that the robot passes is too big... after Shanghai flower harbor adjusted the open time of sunshade net, those disease that red palm spends disappeared slowly.
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