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How to build receive fruit ginkgo garden early

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Information of number of 2007-12-8 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: It is OK to use ginkgo the characteristic of early result, use appropriate breed and cultivated means, pass necessary processing, make we are after cultivated ginkgo 5, can receive ginkgo fruit 10 years, receive quite considerable income truly. The expectation of this since cropper can be the prevention and cure with human ill old age to carry sacrificial vessel to have the fruit that takes filling effect again, get good social benefit.
(One) the ginkgo young animal that is used at be being received early to help advance somebody's career if really to the main demand of ginkgo nursery stock, ought to have above all receive the characteristic of fruit early. Usually, use the method of old branch of engraft of ministry of big Miao Ji, can make result of grafting seedling in advance.
Carry out a proof, the engraft of different ginkgo only individual plant is unborn, enter strong period morning and evening also has differ apparently. Of new residential quarter of county of Shandong province capital receive fruit ginkgo garden early inside, the branch that uses 9 Mu Shu is done receive firm, after receiving 3, 5 years, classics annulus pares of processing, hanged for the most part if really. And the engraft of other below same condition Mu Shu is unborn, use same processing, have a few plant only ability result. This shows, the choice has nursery stock of admirable breed breed, also be a premise that build accepts fruit ginkgo garden early.
Use at receiving the ginkgo young plant that helps advance somebody's career if really early, grafting place appropriate is low, in order to make its can from base partial branch, form crown of a tree as soon as possible.
Sometimes, also can use first seedling of field planting anvil, over- 1, be in 2 years engraft of place of close root neck, the as soon as possible after surviving picks core in order to promote ramose, quicken the formation of crown of a tree.
(2) garden site selection receives fruit ginkgo garden early, must choose optimum the build of a sector of an area that grows at ginkgo. The system of irrigation and drainage that the garden ought to be necessary reachs its device. Illumination also wants enough, facilitate even management.
Say commonly, help advance somebody's career in ginkgo Yu Guosheng produces the China north that lists in division into districts downstream center distributinging area, southwest is high grade in area, the Yangtse River produce a division if really, and inside division of production of Hua Na dried fruit, the ginkgo garden location with stereo good condition, OK build receives fruit ginkgo garden early.
(3) cultivated receive fruit ginkgo garden early, appropriate uses inchoate close planting progressively the management means of scanty cut down. First establish density with 2, 3 meters individual plant row spacing is relatively appropriate. Number of individual plant of every mus of field planting is in above of 110 individual plant. As the development that establishs system, the progressively row spacing that it is individual plant is 3, 4 meters, 4, 6 meters, 6, garden of 8 meters permanent ginkgo high yield.
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