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Information of number of 2007-11-27 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: On November 28, close (fat) 6 (how) leaf (collect) the freeway will build be open to traffic. Add up to 6 leaves high speed to include high speed of Hefei north annulus; Combine 6 leaves high speed will " in circle of provincial capital economy " Hefei and the 6 spaces that bring two city are pulled arrive nearly 56 kilometers; Add up to get through of 6 leaves high speed Hefei joins to the freeway of Wuhan, Xi'an, form the traffic with as big as Shanghai Chinese Chengdu, Ning Xitie road complementary channel to carry a channel. No matter still be pair of Anhui to Hefei on the west area, close 6 pages the building of the freeway has important sense.

Build 3 years partly close 6 pages freeway

On November 22, close 6 pages the freeway passed hand over a completed project to check and accept, the mark is worn close 6 pages job of construction of freeway all fronts is finished entirely, have requirement of use of battalion of be open to traffic. As we have learned, close 6 pages the freeway is full-length 163.315 kilometers, result is fat east prefectural crossing, terminus is part of the 6 leaves that bring city, always invest budgetary estimate 4.727 billion yuan, in March 2004 start working is built, will be in tomorrow operation of be open to traffic.

Adding up to fertilizer of 6 leaves high speed east crossing comes fat Xi Changgang 41.077 kilometers, annulus of north of the Hefei that be called freeway, by Anhui state district freeway limited company invests construction, senior post to 6 An Zhixie collect 122.238 kilometers invest group limited company to build by traffic of the Anhui province. This freeway whole sealing, complete stand hand in, design speed per hour is 120 kilometers. In Hefei north annulus freeway Duan Weishuang to 6 driveway, fat Xi Changgang comes 6 An Zhixie collect Duan Weishuang to 4 driveway, but the especially big bridge on this highway, each other is connected stand hand in, service division, on cross the bridge to wait to be carried out by 6 driveway, after be, this project carries out 6 driveway to rebuild obligate condition.

Return Tian Yumin 4800 mus

Close 6 pages the freeway passes through highland of area of river the Huaihe River, the rustic way of a few outbalance basically sets on guard to support, and place clip a sector of an area is fertile land between two hillock. This freeway is acted on " use the land less, with the upland, still flat, not bad the ground " principle, make the detailed plan that ask for the ground, decrease as far as possible take up land, avoid allow basic farm and economic crop division.

In investing the 122 kilometers a section of a highway that the group builds by province traffic, workers express partial Qing Dynasty float establish earth piles up centrally in taking earthy field, return the nutrient land of cropland as field extraction land, assured to take the quality returning cropland of earthy field. When hole extraction land restores to deliver local government, improved return cropland 4800 mus, return a pond 300 mus. Additional, this freeway all fronts takes earthy hole original design to be many mus 6200, effective take over for use many mus 5600, managing land makes an appointment with many mus 600.
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