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Guangxi flowers industry reveals a center to move labour construction

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Information of number of 2007-11-21 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: A few days ago, guangxi flowers industry reveals a center to be in Nanning city break earth of the east of Wulu of another name for Nanning. This is my area the first " super greenhouse " -- area the biggest, function content of the most complete, science and technology is highest, it is a production of part flowers and plants, sale, scientific research a variety of functions are an organic whole, modernization of establishment of industrialization of construction of diversification of implementation flowers breed, base, form a complete set, integrated service is excellent the omnibus painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style that change reveals a center.
As we have learned, this center covers an area of 260 hectare, the program invests with 5 years of time 100 million multivariate, construction shows central region, help advance somebody's career progenitive area, test demonstrative division area of 3 big functions. Showing central region is Guangxi flowers brand and the main area that figure publicizes; Help advance somebody's career the area of core of science and technology that breeds the area is flowers industry center, it is industrial basis, the flowers nursery stock that has local distinguishing feature in order to help advance somebody's career is given priority to, promotion flowers new breed and breed a technology, build flowers industry to produce demonstrative model; Test demonstrative division is the section that flowers ground seedling, basin seedling, big canopy produces, with seed selection of domestication of introduce a fine variety, new breed, kind seedling breed attachs most importance to a dot, cultivated content, delicacy cuts manufacturing basin flower, cut leaf and Yinsheng plant 4 kinds big.

The project is built period two years, after building, predict year trade the forehead will achieve two hundred and thirteen million and twenty thousand yuan.

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