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Xiangtan starts Tan Luxin length individual plant to act

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Information of number of 2008-2-23 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Network of Xiangtan online news on Feburary 22 dispatch (reporter: Expend the member that Xian? reports: Piao extends? now morning, as mayor Yu Aiguo, zhou Fangliang of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor in " I add greenery for green heart -- Lin Aixin of scenery of travel of green heart of zoology of pool of long individual plant grows the operation " the name that oneself signed on large banner, what the our city pulled open Tan Luxin length individual plant to act is prelusive.

As we have learned, suffer not long ago the hundred years freezing calamity that encounters assaults an influence, the green heart of pool of long individual plant -- Gu Xiaoxiang the of one clear hill damage of 8 scene is serious, according to not complete count, forest is marred amount to 325 mus, 37000 much individual plant, vegetation of 70% forests green suffers disaster, the job rebuilds after calamity very arduous.

To arouse extensively the force of whole society, had built green heart of zoology of pool of long individual plant to travel jointly scenery forest, society of travel of city tourism bureau, city is mixed to whole town all walks of life come pool tourist is given out " service two model society, build clear hill green heart in all " proposal, held ceremony of autograph of action of Tan Luxin length individual plant.

Countrywide model tourist guide member, read out of Wen Huazhi of vice-chairman of society of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, travel proposal, the proposal learns knowledge of understanding afforest popular science and relevant policy code actively, promote consciousness of zoology environmental protection, do the advocate of civilization of zoology of a green, propagandist; The care cherishs green life, mix beside self-conscious protection the one grass of scene area one wood. Check stoutly those who destroy afforestation afforest is malfeasant, do the escort of civilization of zoology of a green; Recommend action of healthy life, civilized travel, eagerly claim tree, sapling. Do the participator of civilization of zoology of a green; Answer the call of forest of obligation of the whole people, fulfil citizen forest obligation self-consciously, become builder of civilization of zoology of a green.

New community of net of flowers and trees

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