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"The first high-rise of Chinese " plan a few days ago exposure: ǜ ?80 rice

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Information of number of 2008-5-12 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Shanghai center " cannot build before 2010. Nevertheless, it is will affirmative meeting and Jin Mao edifice, round-the-world the layer of compositive Shanghai freeboard such as financial center is built group " golden triangle " , the Jin Mao edifice that its also will be 420.5 meters highly more than highly and height are 492 meters round-the-world banking center, and Chinese Taipei 501 meters of 101 buildings, become the first high-rise of Chinese.

Yesterday afternoon, in Shanghai standing committee of 13 National People's Congress are met the 3rd times inside the corridor of parliamentary field, a distinct building model drew the look of representing of contact National People's Congress, because be in home of this Pudong land the mouth (on the model of 600663) , have the building that cannot see two now: One shows yellow, resemble spun gold tower; Another shows white, resemble the torch of convert.

Original, construction of Shanghai center edifice develops limited company controller to take city National People's Congress on a special trip these models, the purpose is to listen to delegate of National People's Congress to be opposite " dragon " and " fastigium " the opinion of two programs program.

This also is hopeful refresh " the first high-rise of world record " mark of freeboard layer ground is built -- Shanghai center " first degrees of exposure of two plan, among them will one serves as " Shanghai center " create a program finally.

Relevant controller discloses, no matter be " dragon " or " fastigium " plan wins out, affirmatory design and through what examine and approve " Shanghai center " will realize go into operation the most quickly within year.

The basis is made 1993 " area of center of mouth of Shanghai land home plans to devise plan " , seat of center of Jin Mao edifice, round-the-world banking and plot of Z3-2 of land home mouth, indicate those who build 3 freeboard layer to the gender is built, form " article " glyph layout. Among them, plot of Z3-2 of land home mouth is " Shanghai center " seat, this plot former lease is full already now, land calls in wait for preparation to work to also be finished, wait for only " Shanghai center " plan the message that affirmatory, choose an auspicious day begins construction.

Shanghai government had started global plan to draft a plan 2006, include world-famous American SOM to build office of architect of KPF of design office, United States to waited to submit formal design plan at that time, domestic Shanghai modern building designed a group to also organize the design unit of group interior to undertake designing. Building of SOM of the United States before this designs an office to announce the plan of the design in its government website, its building is called " Shanghai-Center " . But case of this one party is denied before long after the project is started formally.
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