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The website builds " network " with " sale "

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Information of number of 2008-6-12 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: The network builds " network " with " sale " , I had brewed this article very long, just draw up her today come, actually this article is to must be written, to at present the current situation of network sale company and the development direction in the future, I talk about the individual's idea and viewpoint.

What I should write today is this 3 big main questions, above all I say network sale company advocate business Wu. At present network sale company advocate business Wu basically has the following sides.

The first, website construction, website construction is network sale most most fundamental thing, because the good many sided of network sale involves a website to build, the website is a platform of network sale. If do not have this good platform to become backup force, the development of network sale company affirms meeting occurrence problem, this is " one can't make bricks without straw " .

The 2nd, network sale website is built, what is network sale model website, this I had written the article that builds about network sale website before, I do not explain what is network sale website. Of some network sale companies advocate the construction that the direction of business Wu is network sale website, basically be the construction with the specific characteristic according to cause client a kind of sale website, the sale that ultimate goal is contented cause client demand. In slanting to be built at the website again accumulate contained sale

The 3rd, SEM searchs engine sale namely, of some network sale companies advocate business Wu is SEM, cent of search engine sale is two chunk, it is SEO together (search engine is optimized) another is contest price rank and advertisement of search element engine, lay particular stress on is ranked at contest price. To this two chunk I follow everybody to introduce briefly respectively, search engine optimizes me to believe those who do a website should be not unfamiliar to her! Search engine optimizes the product that makes big characteristic let potential cause client find your company through the keyword namely and service, other constructions, page, domain name, content optimize etc professional I did not say knowledge more. Another respect is contest price rank more to what very how old and medium-sized company does is contest price rank, the contest price of the contest price rank that makes company product keyword on Baidu and Gu Ge for instance, popular keyword is ranked. Wanting you to money searchs engine company only is none miserly do to you. As to investment how many, select the specific issue that what keyword is your company, I do not say more.

The 4th, network sale adviser seeks advice, company of sale of this kind of network basically is to offer network sale to consult business, the company has professional network sale adviser commonly, they basically are to be large and medium-sized the enterprise offers network sale to seek advice. After for instance the new product of the company comes out the measure that how adopts network sale infiltrates the market, product enters development period how to make popularizing distensible the market to have thereby with sales promotion lead, company product enters autumn how stable market. Network sale company gives these large and medium-sized the enterprise gives counsel, for them the product of the company and service offer network sale to seek advice from a service. Just a moment ago lifted network sale to consult a of the respect small business, of the plan of the network sale that other network sale adviser offer website, website optimize, I what still have other network sale sides am the diagnosis of the sale content respect of the website, differ listed, shift of sale of commonly used network, advertisement of rich guest sale, forum sale, network video sale, virus sale, incident sale, network. The comparison that the professional knowledge of staff of network sale adviser has commonly is much, network sale adviser needs to have the knowledge of the knowledge of traditional sale respect and network sale respect, this two respects are short of one cannot.
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