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The seedling breed of silk tree and big young plant train the technique of Yo

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Information of number of 2008-6-18 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Silk tree common calls velvet flowers the tree, belong to deciduous leaf arbor for leguminous silk tree, can amount to 16 meters of above high. Branch is begun, crown of a tree submits umbrella form. Pollen red shows cloth with a soft nap or pile on one or either side bulbiform, florescence June ~ August, pod form, ~ is mature in October in September, show cinnamon. Silk tree sex is fond of light, be able to bear or endure arid, do not be able to bear or endure water is wet, grow faster, adaptability is strong, lax to edaphic requirement. Appropriate of China north area chooses Campagna or warmth of a mountainous area microclimate handles low height above sea level cultivated.

Seedling is progenitive

Pod by green change after brown, seed hardens, can pluck. Pod plucks air beats threshing with bludgeon, selection by winnowing or wind, do Tibet. The vernalization before sowing 10 days. Put the seed into the crock, enter the seed soaking after agitate of 80 ℃ hot water. Change water 1 times the following day, the 3rd day rinses seminal fish out with clear water, mix the Shi Sha with waiting for bulk to pile up to be in in n warmth, with soaked gunny-bag or grass piece enclothe heat preservation. The seed after 78 days has 1/3 about can sow when dew is white.

The sandy loam with taller, rich soil becomes choice physical features of a place bed. Grow seedlings ground should do level fine, apply thenar fertilizer, ridge in a field is apart from it is 60 centimeters, trench is deep 15 centimeters. In March ~ used ditch drilling law to sow in April, sow about 10 centimeters, every 667 square metre use kind of amount 5 kilogram of 4 kilogram ~ . Soil should maintain after sowing wet, if soil crosses dry influence emerge, can be inside field ditch wet soil of fill water spread and sink in, avoid by all means waters had flooded area of ridge in a field, lest soil hardens, influence emerge.

Time young plant is reached after seedling grows the 2nd true page, unplug sickly individual plant and too close individual plant, spacing in the rows 10 centimeters. Hind of thin out seedlings should water in time.

Big Miao Peiyo

Sow a seedling to be given priority to with root system education in those days, want fat managing to strengthen water, seasonable cleared fireweed. Seedling is beardless clip, form in order to promote develop root system, lay good foundation to raise a level. When seedling is 10 centimeters tall, can be united in wedlock water apply night soil 1 times, after this every months of top application 2, chemical fertilizer and night soil but removed employ. Want to notice seasonable fill water, monsoon drain flooded fields, fertilization stops after the Beginning of Autumn, water.

Sow a seedling to go up in those days the seedling rises to classification before aspic heel in live through the winter. Trunk connects the straight, brawny, seedling that is as high as 2 meters of above, take dry heel in; Other seedling is in cut 5 centimeters to work from root neck above, live through the winter of seedling root bury. Immediately following in time field planting of the first ten days of a month undertook raising working year in April, row spacing of field planting individual plant 40 centimeters of × 60 centimeters.
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