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Of gardens afforest bestow favor on newly -- bald fir

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Information of number of 2008-6-20 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Bald fir (T Aiwania Flousiana) belong to for fir of Taiwan of gymnospermous fir division constant green large tree, can amount to 75 meters high, pectoral diameter 2 meters of above; Gray of bark weak brown, crack irregular strip piece, endodermis is rufous; Circle of crown of a tree is cone-shaped; Big leaf is long 2 reach 3 centimeters, cross section 4 lozenge, gao Kuan is almost equal, have stomatic line on four sides; Young tree and shape of sickle of budding branches and leaves are cone-shaped, long 0. 6 to 1. 5 centimeters; Be extended continuously or small inward turn, two sides has stomatic line; Cone 10 it is mature in November to come. The gender is fond of the area with climate Wen Liang, abundant rainfall, comfortable be born at slanting the silvan land terrain of acidity red soil, yellow earth.
Bald fir is planted for our country agrestic tree, originate in Yunnan formerly western region of Jiang Liu of dark blue of angry river, billows and Hubei western hill of Thunder God of ministry of southeast of benefit plain, Guizhou is taken, scattered about like the stars distributing or be become forest, mix with conifer, broadleaf more unripe. Weak Titian of bald fir alburnum, duramen is weak violet Brown, qualitative light soft, the structure is close, grain is straight, easy treatment, be building, furniture is admirable with material. Bald fir is lofty and forceful, open and flat of side branch verticillate, rod is flagging, the four seasons is evergreen, forceful be like cedar, and give elegant look a few minutes fully, have very tall view and admire value.
Last centuries 80 time evening, courtyard of Chinese forest division ever organized a ground of different of too bald fir to save an experiment to consider, the groove guard of nature of Henan chicken fair hill of region of river of the Huaihe River is numerous introduce a fine variety in the dot most a when north carries, researcher uses grow seedlings of nutrient earthen bowl here, build have flake piece forest. Breed of grow seedlings of land for growing field crops of bald fir of gallinaceous fair hill also gains a success now.
Grow according to grow seedlings afforestation observation, every mus use kind of amount 3 reach 5 jins, produce a young plant 40 thousand individual plant, annual seedling height amounts to 15 centimeters on average, highest amount to 27 centimeters, biennial Miao Ping all is in 40 to 50 centimeters between, afforestation seedling year high crude long volume is on average 1. 1 meter, grow with local fir the quantity keeps balance, grow in order. Additionally bald fir is the 3rd Ji Jiewei plant, it is Guo Jiazhen rare be in severe danger one class protects a plant, a large number of breed help advance somebody's career also is the important step that endangered plant protects.
Undertake as what environment of national organisms' habits builds bald fir protects the further recognition of wildlife this mainly be been opposite with the society, its hopeful becomes the promising young person in afforestation and gardens afforest.
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