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Drive midge flowers and plants is the good helper that exterminates a mosquito

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-7-8 number information: Annual summer is the weather with unbroken overcast and rainy mostly, also be the season that the mosquito causes, besides kill a mosquito with fluid of midge of daily mosquito-repellent incense, drive beyond, flowers and plants of midge of a kind of drive gets now the favour of people, sale is increasing ceaselessly.
Because of fluid of midge of the mosquito-repellent incense that uses before, drive chemically drug is made, to the person healthy influential, drive midge flowers and plants is natural, so most family wants to buy flowers and plants of midge of a drive to be put in midge of the drive in the home, and the effect that kill midge is first-rate.
The flowers and plants of function of midge having drive basically has leaf of drive midge grass, mint, peppery wood, lavender, cordate telosma to wait. Among them the famousest is one kind cries " drive midge is careless " plant -- it is introduced from abroad, contain lemongrass aldehyde, can send out an a kind of special lemon aroma, achieve drive midge result thereby. Still one kind makes touch touch sweet plant, touch can fragrance sends out come out, also but drive midge.
We visited market of a few flowers to see, most business door manage drive midge flowers and plants, the price is higher than before a few years also many, although the price is high, but present consumer is to buy drive midge flowers and plants partly greatly very. Ask broad consumer to be in the process that raise establish, had better put drive midge flowers and plants in have the place with point-blank sunshine.
Author: Origin of Shandong Fu Youyin apricot: Www.6652432.com

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