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Emulsion of water of nitrile of 10% bromic bug develops environmental protection

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Information of number of 2008-8-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: A few days ago, researcher of college of protection of plant of Heibei agriculture college uses photograph move law to develop a 10% bromine successfully emulsion of bug nitrile water.

According to introducing, plant of Heibei agriculture college protects academic researcher to pass the filtration of pair of dissolvent and exterior activator and conpatibility of medicines, decided the best recipe of emulsion of water of nitrile of 10% bromic bug. The emulsion of water of nitrile of 10% bromic bug that uses this recipe preparation each index is eligible, and classics normal temperature, hot lay aside (54 ℃ ± 2 ℃ ) did not appear 80 days water of analyse oil, analyse and statified phenomenon. The preparation viscosity of place preparation beautiful of sex of small, dump, benefit is installed at cent. Via indoor poison force determines, the agent of in suspension of nitrile of 10% bromic bug that the 10% bromine of place preparation make work on emulsion of bug nitrile water and market (divide) all comparative to the poisonous force of cole moth and beet noctuid.

Bromic bug nitrile is one kind contains 3 fluorine the new-style insecticide of methylic pyrrole structure, action mechanism is distinctive, can prevent and cure effectively the pest such as aphid of noctuid of cole moth, beet, wild cabbage noctuid, dish, defy ester of amino formic acid, organic phosphor is mixed draft Dalmatian chrysanthemum ester kind the pest of insecticide and kill mite to have taller prevent effect, especially antagonism cole moth and beet noctuid prevent effect to highlight, have wide market perspective.

Current, already developed agent of in suspension of bromic bug nitrile domestic and internationally, but the form of a drug such as wet sex powder, small emulsion and lacteal oil, but the development of water emulsion still has no successful precedent. Water emulsion is one of environmental protection the form of a drug that promote development domestic and internationally energetically at present, emulsion of water of nitrile of 10% bromic bug has taller market development and applied value.

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