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Decrease a platoon can greatly the protection of stimulative environment works

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Information of number of 2008-8-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Blue star glass is the enterprise of a key of the our city, but because be in the characteristic of the industry, its cause social attention to environmental influence. This blue star glass closes ahead of schedule stop a product line, those who reveal is a big company the strong sense of responsibility to the society, also refract gave an enterprise to think to developing the science of the concept.

As we have learned, because suffer place of industry state of technology to be restricted, the country is administered to the flue gas of furnace of float law kiln and do not have mandatory requirement, technology of relevant flue gas processing is very immature also, dan Laxing does not have because of this evade responsibility. Cast early in float law second line at the beginning of building, discharge to reduce soot, la Xing seeks the way that settle with all possible means, paid 20 million yuan price for this. Ge Yankai of general manager of Inc. of blue star glass says frankly: "The company should assume the responsibility that has protective environment actively, the development of the enterprise can be cost with sacrificial environment anything but, and should rely on innovation to win development. And should rely on innovation to win development..

A product line of blue star glass closes stopped, it is better that development quality of Dan Laxing and development speed are met however faster. As we have learned, la Xing removes in of Bo garden area build product line, will with a kind of brand-new appearance renascence, its advocate make glass of plated film of product low radiation, the expert forecasts market prospect very value. La Xing the chance that reduces a platoon to regard seek as new development, rolled out the plan that replaces heavy oil with natural gas, this plan realized clean production not only, and the manufacturing efficiency that can improve relevant facility greatly, accomplished decrease platoon, energy-saving, synergism " one arrow 3 carve " , accomplished truly " innovation seeks progress, environmental protection of the hurried that decrease a platoon " , this also is numerous the enterprise that still fumbles on the road that decrease a platoon offerred a new thinking. (pluvial bamboo)Www.yinxingshu.org.cn

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