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Economic environmental protection: Hai Bohe changes note seawater

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Information of number of 2008-8-16 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Peninsula Metropolis Daily on August 15 dispatch (reporter Gao Yijing) " take river course of briny infuse city with pump, this cost is too high, dry Where is the water in be being used? " recently, just the Hai Bohe of infuse seawater can draw large quantities of citizen look everyday fresh, also have partial citizen nevertheless to wadi not the water in fill brings seawater to raise doubt. To this, city north area builds a canal chief expresses related the bureau, in water water quality, odour, colour and lustre returns requirement of water of landscape of short of city at present, and business accounting of classics engineering personnel, the water in using is annual will expend 8889 yuan more than bringing seawater.

Hai Bohe changes " the Haihe River " cite dispute

This morning, river of side sea berth transforms Nanjing road on the west reach already began slowly infuse seawater, dry up old river course presents the circumstance that gave blue waves to ripple again. The person that many in circumjacent citizen and pass by living comes in succession, surround at the same time view give out to wadi new features at the same time gasp in admiration. "Hai Bohe is previously ' empty river ' , now be much more beautiful really after fill Shanghai water! " proximate and riparian and Zhu Weidong agitato says the village resident of house. Introduce according to spot engineering personnel, the seawater inside Hai Bohe comes from 8 to pile up an area of the deep water around, these seawater are to use the refrigeration when power plant to use water so, smoke through briny pump after leaving, the subterranean conduit that 7 kilometers grow by reachs Nanjing road on the west side, later direct current of wadi of river of again coastal berth and below, flow into 8 number head again and collect bay of rubber administrative division, form river water to circle the landscape of the city on the way.

Nevertheless, the reporter arrives alertly, surrounding the person that watch to be opposite " withered river " change " the Haihe River " feel glad while, many citizens also smoke seawater to introduce the long-term feasibility of wadi to raise doubt to pump. "Have fluvial inpour ocean only from of old, does seawater pour inpour wadi to must expend many cost? " an old surname teacher that teachs in some university expresses, smoke seawater the wadi that grows into 7 kilometers to will expend many report resource with pump, seawater causes land salinization likely still, the water in if be changed inside wadi,be being become may be more managing with environmental protection.

Bring seawater more economic environmental protection

Be aimed at the doubt of citizens and proposal, the city north area that the reporter sought advice from technically to be in charge of Hai Bohe transforming a project builds tubal bureau.

According to city north area river of Haibo of the bureau that build a canal transforms staff member of engineering command post to introduce, at the beginning of Hai Bohe transforms plan to announce, the feasibility that many citizens and scholar introduce seawater to urban wadi raises question, the cry of the water in suggesting Hai Bohe cites also had not been broken all the time. Nevertheless practice of classics in former years and engineering personnel are proved repeatedly, the water in using should build the effect that pumping station flows with achieving river boiler circulation euqally, accordingly cost of bad news report can not compare seawater low, its air is purified, urban beautification effectiveness is inferior to seawater far. "If use in water, charge of electricity is saved hard not only come down, smooth water cost is about every year to cost 8889 yuan! " city north area builds Liu Song of tubal bureau director to also express, at present in water price is 1 yuan of money one ton about, according to river of berth of 7 kilometers sea store water measures computation, smooth water cost is about every year to cost 8889 yuan, and seawater is free however, can realize infinite loop to use.
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