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Zhang Zunhong of company commander of army of villager of Gu Bin village: Scienc

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Information of number of 2008-6-12 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Zhang Zunhong, was born 1972, currently hold the post ofGong Changling area to install director of village of village of the Gu Bin that make the same score countryside, hold commando company commander part-time. Come a few years, zhang Zunhong leads the commando key member of whole village, through grinding only seriously, carry out repeatedly, charge the way that gave the success that a breed aquatics of science and technology becomes rich, become the head wild goose that whole village science and technology becomes rich.

98 the beginning of the year, election of villager of Zhang Zunhong classics, be elected for director of village of Gu Bin village, hold commando company commander part-time at the same time. Assume office beginning, face the current situation with whole relatively impoverished village, he is dark be determined, must change the face of whole village poverty, guide whole village people to be on rich road. To realize this one ideal, he browsed works of many science and technology, get online consult data of science and technology, backbone of the villager delegate that organizes this village for many times, commando learns all sorts of successful experience to the other place. Combine a village person much ground finally little, be located in out-of-the-way, environment to pollute degree to wait for actual state gentlier, decide the goal of development on aquaculture. After the objective is firm, himself learns to in relief and other places of Shenyang, distant raise a cattle, raise technology and the experience such as chicken, also make villager arms big open horizon at the same time, gave up apprehension, grow the confidence of aquaculture sturdily.

To solve the psychology with partial wait-and-see masses, his him determination guides backbone of a few commando to be done first raise ox and the project that raise chicken. In the first year of the experiment, the chicken that they raise a few times has fallen ill, large quantities of death, their angst passes, anguish passes, had cried even, but did not abandon from beginning to end, make finally breed a project to score a success, the first year of benefit is best door year income achieves 20 thousand yuan, the farmer saw material benefit, breed door develop many 30 at a draught. Want to develop a lot of and real difficulty that aquaculture farmer exists in the light of the part, he organizes the villager plenary meeting that held whole village, the course discusses everybody seriously, research made the favourable policy that urges development aquaculture, it is a village appoint can be breed door hold the position of guarantee loan, solve capital problem, arrive to assure at present the forehead already exceeded 100 thousand yuan, 2 be to breed door offer favourable lumber; 3 it is preferential to breed door adjust breed lot; 4 it is the organization held water to breed association, he holds the post of association chairman, be in charge of whole village breeding door technical service, epidemic prevention, wait for all matters concerned into makings, sale, formed chain of perfect production, management, sale, huge promoted the development of whole village aquaculture, also raised whole village to breed door breed benefit. So far, gu Bin village of 80% above door raise cattle, year raise a quantity to exceed 1000, the large family that raise chicken exceeds 30, year raise a quantity to exceed 300 thousand, annual whole village breeds income to be in 800 thousand yuan of above, whole village average per capita increases income 600 multivariate, the villager from which countervail arrived benefit, walked up to take off the road that deficient becomes rich. Zhang Zunhong is guiding the villager to stride to higher end with the enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with, add content of science and technology, rise breed quality, to build Gu Bin village at an early date the canto with new compose of comparatively well-off village.
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