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To stage of Taiwan village short for Zhejiang Province from Taiwan fruit agricul

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Information of number of 2008-6-11 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: After Taiwan fruit enters family of Zhejiang common people, it is reported, taiwan investor still will invest in Zhejiang recently build what be characteristic with delicate agriculture, recreational agriculture " Taiwan village " .
See " arrive from Taiwan fruit Taiwan village " span, attend to be held in Ning Bo today " stage of short for Zhejiang Province forum of contemporary agriculture collaboration " I am saved and Taiwan agriculture expert expects, agriculture of stage of short for Zhejiang Province is superintended in safety of quality of agrotechnical, produce and the respect trend deepness such as standardization, recreational agriculture cooperates.
The Zhejiang that attends forum saves farming classics to learn director Gu Yikang to think, zhejiang and close of Taiwan ground predestined relationship, personnel dates, the resource such as the market and labour force is complementary, agricultural collaboration perspective is very wide. Taiwan is with the market oriented, develop delicate agriculture, the food that produces diversification of high quality, breed and vegetable experience, very apply to Zhejiang person more little province affection and labor are concentrated model the efficient zoology agriculture that give priority to expands a demand. Can strengthen especially plant in the seed seedling, the biology production technology such as vegetable, flowers, fruit and produce are profound the domain such as treatment cooperates.

With Taiwan, zhejiang economy development is rapid, produce exit amount is large. Home and foreign market more and more safety of quality of requirement safeguard produce and production of implementation produce standardization. To this, be engaged in Taiwan agriculture environment for a long time guarding a pass, ceng Ren Taiwan " farming appoint meeting " Dr. Li Guoqin of director of institute of experiment of agricultural medicaments poison hopes, two ground can begin collaboration in respect of produce safety character, detect system of Taiwan produce attestation and medicaments remain the fine experience introduction such as the system comes to Zhejiang.

Same, dr. Zhuang Zunquan that ever held the post of Taiwan soil fertilizer to learn adviser of company of fertilizer of director, Taiwan also hopes two ground strengthen edaphic fertilizer to learning communicates and cooperate, science uses organic qualitative fertilizer, reduce manufacturing cost and pollution of agricultural face source, improve edaphic environment. "Tomato is recreational grange " , " sweetgrass farm " , " rancher inscribes recreational grange " ... Zheng Shihua of director of institute of program of Taiwan country development showed trait of 100 Yu Zhang Taiwan to the reporter recreational grange, and introduced the condition that recreational agriculture develops Taiwan. Recreational agriculture had formed Taiwan to collect development mode to the characteristic of the face to the line from the dot.
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