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Agrestic tree plants big norms in Beijing demand exceeds supply Luan Shuyou its

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Information of number of 2008-6-14 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: : "The demand that Beijing afforest project plants to agrestic tree now is very big. The goldenrain tree of big norms is cultivated in especially be in short supply, other if pagoda tree of white wax, country is mixed 5 horn maple wait to also demand exceeds supply. " light of general manager king of company of green source nursery stock told Beijing annulus beauty the reporter recently.

Wang Guangming expresses, the nursery stock in his nursery with pectoral diameter the 8 agrestic trees to 12 centimeters are planted money is the fastest, especially Luan Shu, buying the home basically is paid payment for goods. In addition, pagoda tree of golden branch country, midget crabapple, Bai Yulan, weeping willow very popular also.

The Olympic Games brought giant demand vacuum to the afforest nursery stock of Beijing. Huang Yaling of engineer of assistant of company of Beijing flowers and trees tells a reporter, the project nursery stock of bird's nest periphery is all of one suit is medium agrestic tree plants big norms, among them pectoral diameter the country of 13 centimeters of above pagoda tree dosage is the biggest. In addition, near future of bureau of Beijing gardens afforest puts forward, the windbreak 2008 project that treat sand will increase what plant to agrestic tree to use strength.

A few nursery of Beijing saw this one trend a lot of years ago. Liu Youzhi of secretary of nursery of hill of Beijing little boiling water says, the main force that agrestic nursery stock becomes Beijing field is inevitable. "At the outset, we also think Xie Shu plants the Chang Lukuo that introduces south, but these breed are stabilized not quite in the expression of Beijing. " the nursery stock in nursery of hill of little boiling water 90% it is agrestic tree is planted, occupy 95% what this nursery gives garden gross this year.

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