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Biology hacker assaults 3 gorge exotic plant inbreaks the environment suffers a

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Information of number of 2008-6-14 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Biologist man builds the sea to emphasize, in the course that changes in fast city, should strengthen more inbreak biology species monitoring, avoid its to get a change to step in.

Er of Lai of heart of wave of French great poet (CharlesBaudelaire) ever called city culture " evil flower " , one kind this is pair of industrial times city life thinks over. And now, biologists discover city life inbreaks to biology species, especially the amount that exotic plant inbreaks and limits produced huge effect. "Evil flower " not be a poet merely probably is rhetorical, however a kind of actual existence.

Wuhan arboretum inbreaks Huang Hongwen of a task group that chief researcher Ding Jianqing heads plant biology course and Huana arboretum's researcher and American Washington city establish college mark (RichardMack) professor collaboration made be changed about the city inbreak with biology. Recently, the relevant achievement of this project publishs in the near future " biology science " on the magazine.

Biology hacker makes a surprise attack " 3 gorge "

In July 2006, ding Jianqing attends the meeting to 3 gorge. His as usual took watch for a chance, preparation films the zoology circumstance of 3 gorge seat. Cannot think of, this is patted took new condition. The plant that Ding Jianqing discovered to one kind once saw in Wuhan -- Su Men liquor is careless. Ding Jianqing described such setting in a paper in the future: No matter be the bank with distance not far large dams, still be a freeway the bare ground of two side, this kind of feverfew grows desperately.

This kind looks be like ordinary plant to having tenacious vitality, live and progenitive capability is extremely strong, a plant can written guarantee every time plant nearly 10 thousand. In addition, their general comfortable sex is particularly strong, although its country of origin is South America, but the seed waves along with wind scatter, even if go up in new land also can air plant. Nowadays, grass of Su Men liquor has expanded their home tropics and semi-tropical wide area.

19 centuries metaphase, su Men liquor is careless by South America sadly " cross secretly " into China, nowadays already is to spread all over more than 10 southern province such as Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou. Ding Jianqing sees in the place of 3 gorge, just proved the ability with ceaseless and outspread grass of Su Men liquor. "This is a kind of common regional malign fireweed. " the thing of the dilate that grass of Su Men liquor saves in Hubei or the last few years. 2004, china in two scholars publish the Normal University the paper is foreign to Hubei province inbreak the plant undertook preliminary summary. 56 kinds when what announce ab extra inbreak in plant list, grass of Su Men liquor still is not listed in its.

Ding Jianqing emphasizes, grass of Su Men liquor belongs to land to give birth to a plant, to 3 gorge reservoir the safety of itself still won't constitute direct menace. But meanwhile, in the brook of periphery of 3 gorge reservoir, had appeared water earthnut, water hyacinth inbreak biology. Because be hydrophyte, they perhaps will cause a harm to project of 3 gorge reservoir.
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