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The market of nursery stock of a few kinds of afforest of Shandong and analysis

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-7-3 number information: In the whole nation in short supply of big norms nursery stock, regional grow variety insufficient ideal, short-term below the condition that cannot change this kind of condition again, need supply and demand cooperates twice each other. Afforest unit and the norms of afforest nursery stock that plan to design a branch to use want a bit smaller, the career that Miaonong fosters big young plant wants a bit faster.

Shandong aid is peaceful, tan sections of a city close to the city wall occupies production of current nursery stock, demand and market to supply the circumstance of the respect and problem, developed afforest application to nursery stock of a few kinds of afforest market of supply and demand of foreground, nursery stock, breed direction to reach help advance somebody's career of measure discuss with the analysis, have referenced effect in order to give nursery stock production and afforest unit.

One, law tung:

1. applies foreground: ? of cent of  of ㄍ ┰  shows extensive plant at world each district. It is light of plane tree happy event, do not be able to bear or endure shade, comfortable be born at acidity or neuter soil, although can be in small alkalescent or lime sex soil grows, but some areas are easy produce Huang Xie disease. Relatively cold-resistant, do not be able to bear or endure seeper, beijing, Taiyuan with south the area all can be used at afforest. Although have certain air pollution, very few premature drop flies to Dan Dongchun season wool, cone mostly the summer falls along with rainwater, pollution is lighter. Now already seed selection begins to breed little ball fast nursery stock of strange law tung, can solve this basically to pollute a problem. Plane tree Xie Dayin is thick, crown of a tree is wide exhibit, budding capability is strong, be able to bear or endure clip, fight soot, have plant diseases and insect pests rarely, it is good trade tree is planted, ever was known as " the king that world trade cultivates " , also be good Ting Yinhe tree of afforest of factories and mines is planted, and still be at present afforest of road of town of area of comfortable virgin soil applies the tree with the largest amount plant one of. Be in in last few years inside, as medium, a wide place in the road development reachs the need of afforest, apply foreground still very hopeful.

2. market analyses: Tung of law of? of correct of  of old  of let down with a rope grows an area bigger, the nursery stock amount of small norms is very much, pectoral diameter the nursery stock of 8 centimeters of above is very few. On nursery stock sale, the law tung of 8 centimeters of above sells pectoral way faster, and the price is very high. Look from market price case, the price of pectoral diameter 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm is 2 yuan respectively, 5 yuan, 12 yuan, 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 90 yuan are controlled with 110 yuan, the nursery stock of 15cm of ~ of pectoral diameter 10cm is 160 yuan of ~ 280 yuan. Side of nursery stock demand, the nursery stock of 7cm of ~ of pectoral diameter 5cm has particular demand, the price is a bit low the nursery stock demand of 10cm of ~ of 8cm of; bosom diameter is big, the price values the nursery stock of above of 10cm of; bosom diameter to also have bigger demand, the price is higher.
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