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Watermelon price cheap

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-7-8 number information: From June the bottom comes at the beginning of July, watermelon retail price is in one jin 1 yuan of above, as circumjacent watermelon a large number of appearing on the market, add a rain yesterday again, let " high fever " watermelon price " allay a fever " . The reporter is in mart of trade of Lanzhou city each market and terminal market of melon and fruit to understand yesterday, the watermelon retail prices on Lanzhou market fell 0.5 yuan / or so jins. Be in terminal market of melon and fruit of Zhang Su beach, produce the watermelon from Gao Lan, the price is in 0.3 yuan / or so jins. Produce the watermelon from and other places of Shaanxi, Anhui, trade price also 0.5 yuan from before / jin fell 0.3 yuan / jin.

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