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Information of number of 2008-7-24 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: In midsummer, greenbelt of flowers and plants inside the city and those forceful tree, offerred shady and cool, beautification to us our home. However close paragraph of time, hot line of our newspaper news receives those who destroy tree of flowers and trees of greenbelt, pilfer, fell trees to complain ceaselessly, the destiny that people spends tree of carelessly, greenbelt to the flower inside the city is all-time care. This day rises, we are rolled out " love my home everybody to protect green " column, the destruction that discovers you please the flowers and plants, proposal that mars arboreous behavior to reach pair of protective city afforest tells us, carry our story, the afforest that protects our city jointly, guard our collective home.


" save quickly save these small white birch " after one article appears in the newspaper 18 days, the reporter understands from director branch, this Bai Hua forest on river plain street had gotten active cure.

Management of haing city park is in chief 18 days to tell a reporter, they face the administrative conserve of street tree to have supervisory responsibility to each area, every area has the specific department of be assigned personal responsibility for. In this controller the help falls, the reporter contacted gardens of the area in the path to run place, lady of chief the Sui Dynasty tells a reporter, the Ou Hechuan in the path the project of invite public bidding that this Bai Hua forest on the street was 2006, direct responsibility person is unit of invite public bidding -- nursery of the area in the path.

The reporter acquired connection when nursery of the area in the world midday and path Director Liu. Director Liu tells a reporter, 3 years since 2006 in, they have the responsibility that manages conserve to this Bai Hua forest. A few days ago the announcement that they had received upper section to need conserve about this forest land, but because rain all the time, do not have seasonable conserve. Our newspaper report appears in the newspaper that day, they received ranking announcement again, had sent a person to begin conserve these sapling. They had pulled out Hao grass entirely, the sapling that unplugged 9 had died thoroughly, present season returns unsuited reseed, when they meet Qiu Dong season to be cultivated newly on the reseed in former hole. Branches and leaves of their meeting much top application, clip, strengthen the conserve of these pair of sapling, prevent to appear the death of larger area.

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