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The market of ornamental plant oriental cherry and sweet-scented osmanthus is a

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Net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees 2008-8-7 number information: In recent years, of people living standard rise ceaselessly, urban afforest and village afforest also develop like high administrative levels, ornamental plant oriental cherry and sweet-scented osmanthus also became those who dress up city and beautification village to view and admire a tree to plant. Because this development cultivates oriental cherry and prospect of sweet-scented osmanthus market,value.

Oriental cherry: Belong to deciduous leaf arbor, the good tree that is spring outlook flower is planted, be fond of warm and wet climate, be able to bear or endure - 15 ℃ low temperature, cultivate in neuter soil and small saline land. Demand of before a few years of oriental cherry is general, supply is not large also. The last few years comes, as the need of urban afforest, the market values oriental cherry gradually, demand increases ceaselessly, demand of big norms nursery stock is climbed successively litre. The market is supplied with pectoral diameter 1-3 centimeter nursery stock is given priority to, pectoral diameter nursery stock of 4 centimeters of above demands exceeds supply. Pectoral diameter 5-8 centimeter nursery stock, price of every individual plant is 150-300 respectively yuan. Now, the nursery stock of big norms satisfies market demand hard, predict in the near future, price of big young plant still has rise trend.

Sweet-scented osmanthus: Belong to Chang Luqiao wood or bush, young tree relatively be able to bear or endure shade, large tree should have enough illumination. Grow in warm and wet climate aptly, can be able to bear or endure - 5 ℃ low temperature. Not quite strict to edaphic requirement, the breed of sweet-scented osmanthus is more, basically have bay tree of Jin Gui, silver-colored laurel, orange osmanthus, the four seasons. Sweet-scented osmanthus is ornamental plant of our country gardens build the traditional tree of scene to plant, build the development with ceaseless dimensions to expand as environment of urban organisms' habits and village, to working way the demand of big norms nursery stock of 6 centimeters of above increases gradually. According to concerning data statistic, nursery stock of countrywide oriental cherry year demand is in 26 million individual plant, work way among them 6 to 15 centimeters complete coronal establishs 20 million individual plant, dry way 16 to 20 centimeters of Quan Guanshu cut of 20 centimeters of above works 4 million individual plant, dry way implantation plants 2 million trunk of a tree. And afore-mentioned nursery stock measures that can provide in the market now are far apart, demand exceeds supply. As we have learned, the company unit that produces big norms nursery stock at present and individual are increasing in year after year. Conditional company unit and individual should seize an opportunity, the choose and buy works way the nursery stock of 5 centimeters of above, undertake distensible grow area and amount, to satisfy the requirement of the market.
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